11 Most Underrated Romance Anime That You Should Give a Chance

Most Underrated Romance Anime That You Should Give a Chance the moment you fall in love anime

Most Underrated Romance Anime That You Should Give a Chance the moment you fall in love anime

Love is all about accepting one's partner along with their shortcomings. Fans praise top-rated romantic anime like My Dress-Up Darling and Kaguya-sama: Love Is War, but now, it is time to give some extra love to these great but underrated romance anime.

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  1. Kokoro Connect

    Five students from Yamaboshi Academy find out that there are no clubs where they could fit in. They join forces to form a new club called the Student Cultural Society or StuCS.

    Taichi Yaegashi (a wrestling enthusiast), Himeko Inaba (a computer genius), Iori Nagase (an optimist), Yoshifumi Aoki (the funny one), and Yui Kiriyama (a karate practitioner) are part of the club.

    One day, Yui and Aoki switch bodies for a short span of time. Turns out this supernatural event will not be a one-time thing.

    Several other members of the club experience similar body-swapping episodes. The club members realize that things are getting serious and weird.

    The five friends are now forced to come closer to each other as they know each other’s scars and secrets.

    Will these supernatural events end up tearing their friendship apart?

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  2. The Great Passage

    Kouhei Araki is a veteran editor at Genbu Publishing’s dictionary division. However, he plans to retire to be by his ailing wife’s side.

    Before he retires, he must find his replacement who can take on his latest project called The Great Passage. Unfortunately, he is unable to find a suitable replacement who matches his passion.

    Meanwhile, Mitsuya Majime, who works in the sales division of the company, has poor social skills. Despite his lack of social skills, he has a knack for reading.

    Kouhei is drawn to Mitsuya’s love for words and offers him a position in the editorial department. Mitsuya accepts the new role but is unsure of his abilities.

    On the personal front, Mitsuya starts bonding with his landlord’s daughter named Kaguya Hayashi who is a budding chef.

    This drama anime based on a workplace storyline has a beautiful romantic subplot. The romantic storyline helps in shaping Mitsuya’s personality.

  3. Paradise Kiss

    Yukari Hayasaka is a hard-working student who wants to get out of his hometown and get into a college. One day, she runs into a strange-looking man who keeps staring at her body.

    She is weirded out and runs away only to bump into a tall and purple-haired woman. Yukari passes out and wakes up in a place called the Atelier.

    Turns out, the strange-looking people are fashion designers who are students of the prestigious Yazawa Art Academy.

    The designers want Yukari to model for their brand in the academy’s forthcoming show. Yukari declines the offer and runs away from Atelier.

    However, she leaves behind her school identity card. The head designer, George Koizumi, sees her card and knows that she is the showstopper.

    Yukari has never considered taking up modeling. Will she enter the world of fashion and showbiz and become friends with these eccentric designers?

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  4. Jitsu wa Watashi wa

    Asahi Kuromine accidentally finds out that the girl he has a crush on is a vampire. Youko Shiragami is a vampire girl and now she has to quit school to keep her family safe.

    But Asahi convinces her that he will keep this a secret and she shouldn’t quit school. Unfortunately, Asahi is someone who can hardly keep a secret.

    To make matters worse, several other supernatural creatures enter his life and he is now forced to protect their identities.

    Jitsu wa Watashi wa is a supernatural romantic anime where Asahi’s new friends pose unique challenges.

    He is now struggling to hide the secret while trying to win Youko’s heart.

  5. Mysterious Girlfriend X

    Mysterious Girlfriend X is all about first encounters. Akira Tsubaki is a young boy who knows almost nothing about girls.

    He ends up crossing paths with a new transfer student named Mikoto Urabe. Mikoto is a mysterious girl who appears cold.

    However, their first encounter turns romantic. After a series of weird incidents, Akira realizes he is in love with Mikoto.

    The school anime explores Akira and Mikoto’s strange bond, which is only getting strengthened each day.

    Meanwhile, Akira finds out Mikoto has a strange way to express her emotions.

  6. Snow White with the Red Hair

    Shirayuki is a happy girl with red hair who lives in the country of Tanbarun. She works hard in her herbal shop as an apothecary.

    Her life takes a drastic turn when the prince of Tanbarun, Prince Raji, compels her to become his concubine. She is not ready to give up her freedom and decides to chop off her red hair.

    Eventually, she escapes into the forest where she is saved by Zen Wistalia, who is the second prince of a neighboring country.

    She vows to repay the debt by becoming the court’s herbalist in his country named Clarines.

    Zen and Shirayuki start a new life together as they face multiple challenges and enemies.

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  7. Amagami SS

    Two years ago, Junichi Tachibana went on a date on Christmas Eve but was rejected by his date. Since then, he is struggling to show his true feelings to others.

    However, Junichi is likely to get a second chance as he meets several girls and might be interested in them.

    It is around Christmas, and Junichi hopes to find love and is willing to spend his holidays with the one he adores.

  8. Classroom Crisis

    Classroom Crisis is a romantic and sci-fi anime that is set in a Martian colony called Fourth Tokyo. The colony has a classroom called A-TEC that houses some of the brightest people taking care of aerospace development.

    A-TEC is led by Kaito Sera, a gifted engineer, who is waiting for the arrival of the unit’s newest member. However, the transfer student, Nagisa Kiryuu is the new chief of A-TEC.

    He is sent to shut the program down. Kaito and his students work day and night to keep the program alive.

    They are working on developing the successor to their most powerful rocket to date – the X-2.

    Classroom Crisis also introduces Mizuki, Kaito’s younger sister, and Iris Shirasaki, who is A-TEC’s test pilot.

    The anime deals with politics, fighting for things one holds dear, and of course, romance.

    Nagisa and A-TEC are further dragged into the corporation’s dirty politics. She finally learns of the conspiracies brewing inside the corporation.

    Can they all unite to fight and save the project?

  9. The Moment You Fall in Love

    After Natsuki Enomoto’s confession rehearsal with Yuu Setoguchi, their younger siblings Kotaru and Hina are struggling to confess their feelings.

    Hina had a sad first meeting with upperclassman Koyuki Ayase in middle school. But he has captured Hina’s heart.

    She is initially confused about what she is feeling but realizes that she is in love for the first time.

    Hina follows her brother Yuu and her crush Koyuki and gets admission to Sakuragaoka High School. Hina hopes to confess her love to the kind-hearted Koyuki.

    Elsewhere, Kotaru is oblivious to his hidden feelings for her and wants Hina to keep smiling.

    The Moment You Fall in Love is a comedy and romantic anime that deals with love in the youthful days and its fragile nature.

  10. Tsuki ga Kirei

    New school years bring new classmates. Fate brings Kotarou Azumi, an aspiring writer, and Akane Mizuno, an athlete together in the same class.

    Initially, they are complete strangers but a few encounters nudge the duo on the path of innocent love.

    The feeling of love brings them closer but things are far more complex for these two.

    They find comfort and care when they are around each other but there is also heartache and stress. However, they are unclear about the other’s feelings.

    One full moon night, under the twinkling stars, Kotarou musters the courage to ask Akane that one question. This question forever changes their relationship.

  11. Sing “Yesterday” for Me

    Rikuo has graduated from college but has no ambition or direction in life. He eventually starts working in a convenience store.

    Meanwhile, a strange high-school girl named Haru keeps dropping by the store with her pet crow.

    Rikuo is still in love with his senior Shinako, who is starting her teaching career.

    One day, Shinako shows up at Rikuo’s store. Sing "Yesterday" for Me shows Rikuo’s relationship with girls changing as the story progresses.

    There are other key characters who enter his life at different moments. Rikuo’s co-worker, the co-worker’s sister, Shinako’s childhood friend, and many more appear before him at key junctures of the story.

    Rikuo now has to leave his past behind. He needs to enter into what tomorrow brings and embrace it all with open arms.

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