12 Best Food and Cooking Anime

In the world of anime, anything is possible. One story can take viewers to another dimension, another to a sports competition, and others can bring watchers to a world of delicious dishes and treats. Food and cooking anime are as common as other genres. 

The difference is that watching this type of series will make you hungry as each food or dish is made close to reality. Each scene is visually entertaining that will either convince you to eat that dish or cook it. Like food, each viewer has a specific craving and not all food anime are yummy for them. So for those who have not found their favorite food anime, they can refer to these 12 best food and cooking-themed series. 

  1. Cooking with Valkyries

    Familiar with the mobile game, Houkai Series? If yes, then the characters of Cooking withValkyries will be familiar to fans. The series only has 6 minutes each showing Houkai Series’ popular characters. Even better, these girls will be showing off their cooking skills. 


  2. Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi

    Also known as Afterlife Inn Cooking, Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi is one of the unique food anime out there. It focuses on Japanese Shinto traditions with a mixture of supernatural elements. Aoi Tsubaki, the female protagonist, has no choice but to work at a Bed & Breakfast to pay for the debt of her grandfather. That’s where the storyline inserts cooking and a bit of slice of life to create a wonderful anime. 

  3. Dream-Colored Patissiere

    Fans of pastries will find this series amusing with its step-by-step guides! Even better, the series has handsome male characters that are worth watching. Although the bishonen romance is not that new to avid anime fans, the delicious pastries and beautiful music from the show made it one of the recommended food anime to watch. 

  4. Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma

    One of the well-known food anime is Food Wars! It follows Soma Yukihira, who enrolls in a top culinary school. What made this series interesting is that the characters experience “foodgasms” each time they taste a delicious dish. Fans might also notice that the series has other themes like action and family. 

  5. Yakitate!! Japan

    If one looks for a food anime, it would be impossible not to mention Yakitate!! Japan as one of the recommendations. The show has fans not only in Japan but in different parts of the world as well. It follows an aspiring baker named Azuma Kazuma and his journey to make delicious bread. His hands are extremely warm which gives him the advantage to make dough ferment faster than other people. 

  6. Koufuku Graffiti

    Aside from having to see delicious dishes, and probably learning about new meals, Koufuku Graffiti also teaches its viewers the importance of building long-lasting relationships by eating food together. This perspective was made by Ryou Machiko who likes cooking delicious dishes for her friends and family. 

  7. Toriko

    Ever heard of Gourmet Hunters? If not, we have one that fans will like. Toriko is a charismatic buff man who is a Gourmet Hunter. He is on his way to a delicious journey to find a godly ingredient. What made his journey unique is that he finds himself across out-of-this-world meals like a flower with steaming ramen. 

  8. Wakako-zake

    This anime can be relatable for those who are tired of their usual routine (like going to and from work every day). Murasaki Wakako is a 26-year-old woman who takes interesting night adventures to find appetizing meals and relaxing drinks. This series might be even beneficial for those who are planning to visit Japan. 

  9. Cooking Papa

    One of the all-time food anime classics is Cooking Papa. It is also one of the longest-running manga series in Japan. The anime is about a manly guy who is a genius cook (aside from being an awesome employee). The twist is that he lets people assume that his wife is the chef, even if she can’t cook very well. 

  10. Mister Ajikko

    Another food anime classic is Mister Ajikko who follows the life of Youichi Ajiyoshi. He helps his mom prepare mouth-watering meals in a restaurant. Food critics in Japan, who visited the said restaurant, all approve of his cooking. With this, he is invited to a competition to become the best chef. 

  11. Ben-To

    In Japan, bento is well-known which is why it is no longer a surprise that an anime is dedicated to it. Ben-To is a series where the characters have a battle over bento. It centers on Satou You, a gamer, who suddenly wakes up in a world where people fight over half-priced bento. As a competitive gamer, he joins the battle to become the top fighter. 

  12. Moyashimon

    Of course, there are some food anime that has concepts outside the box. One of those is Moyashimon. Instead of the usual food anime setup where all the characters show how to cook or eat delicious meals, this particular anime focuses on food bacteria. It tackles how bacteria are a major part of creating food. 

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