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ASTRO Rocky Net Worth 2022: How Wealthy He Has Become Revealed

Credit: fantagio 판타지오/YouTube Screenshot

ASTRO Rocky has come a long way since he participated in Korea's Got Talent in 2011. He has become one of today's most successful K-pop idols, with an audience reaching different parts of the globe.

With his current fame and success, the celebrity's net worth has seemingly become an intriguing matter to discuss among fans and followers. While he, alongside his co-members, has not disclosed any information about it, reports have shared some estimations about his wealth.

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ASTRO Rocky And His Current Net Worth

Otakukart reported that Rocky is worth around $1 to $5 million in 2022. It also noted that he likely earns at least a million dollars every year.

The outlet, however, pointed out that K-pop idols rarely share information about their salaries and earnings, especially in the early years of their careers. Accordingly, the reported figures are only estimations.

The ASTRO rapper is not also the wealthiest member of the group. The position belongs to Cha Eun Woo, with his reported $8 to $10 million net worth.

While Rocky's current wealth is significantly lower than Eun Woo's, he appears to have a net worth figure close to his other co-members.

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Improving His Wealth Over The Years

The same publication said the majority of Rocky's current wealth has come from his career as a K-pop idol under Fantagio.

But, aside from the group's music releases and other official activities, he has also reportedly earned figures from songwriting, composing, and music-arranging. Some of the titles he is said to have worked on include One & Only, Have A Good Day, When The Wind Blows, and No, I Don't.

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The outlet continued that the ASTRO member is also a model. Moreover, doing endorsements with and without his co-members are stated to have helped him improve his wealth further.

In addition to his career in music and modeling, Rocky has also dabbled in acting. Some of the materials he previously worked on include Soul Plate, Find Me If You Can, and To Be Continued, which he appeared on alongside the rest of his co-members.

Watch this space for more ASTRO Rocky news.

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