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BLACKPINK Jennie, BTS V Dating Rumors Allegedly Used to Distract Fans from LE SSERAFIM Kim Garam's School Bullying Scandal

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Credit: M2/YouTube Screenshot

BTS's V and BLACKPINK's Jennie's dating rumor is now all over the news. A photo of the two inside a car is currently circulating online, but some only see it as a distraction from LE SSERAFIM's Kim Garam's school bullying scandal.

V and Jennie are two K-Pop giants, so any news involving the two will surely take the public by storm. So, are they only being used to cover Kim Garam's bullying controversy?

V and Jennie's Dating Rumor

An unknown netizen shared a photo of V and Jennie together inside a car with untinted windows on Jeju Island.

This comes on the heels of the "SOLO" hitmaker and Big Bang's G-Dragon's alleged breakup, though they have never confirmed their relationship.

"This is a photo that was sent in today. It might be they're lookalikes, but it is allegedly a photo of two top idols," @dailyfashion_news wrote on Instagram. "The female idol, in particular, has been rumored to have broken up with an OG idol member. So fans seem to be more receptive to this photo as true."

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The account chose not to drop the two stars' names as it had not fact-checked the photo yet.

According to Koreaboo, some fans believed the picture was only edited, while others claimed it was real.

The BLACKPINK's member's agency, YG Entertainment, neither denies nor confirms the dating rumor, telling Chosun it has "nothing to say."

V and Jennie's Dating Rumor to Distract K-Pop Fans from Kim Garam's Scandal

With the timing release of V and Jennie's alleged photo, some argued that they are only being used to distract the K-pop fans from Kim Garam's school bullying scandal.

The rookie idol is part of the recently debuted girl group LE SSERAFIM, from the music labels HYBE and Source Music.

The agencies vehemently denied the claims surrounding the young artist, though multiple victims came to light to reveal the alleged violence they said she had inflicted on them.

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Due to the increasing number of evidence and alleged victims, HYBE is now experiencing intense backlash for defending Kim Garam.

With that said, netizens become suspicious of the timing of V and Jennie's snap release. Hence, they think the issue is only being used to cover up the school violence scandal.

"They thought that by using two of the most prominent artists in Korea and internationally as the cover, the public would divert their attention from 'GARAM BULLY,'" one fan said. "But as I make you understand, Hybe, you yourself dug your own grave."

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Netizens also stressed another instance that Jennie seemed to be used to cover up another major scandal.

Back in 2021, her dating rumors with G-Dragon emerged when Seoul's former mayor Park Won Soon was accused of sexually harassing his secretary.

V and Jennie's Dating Rumors in the Past


Meanwhile, this is not the first time that V and Jennie have been linked to each other. When BTS made its Instagram debut, the "Singularity" singer followed the Human Chanel's account, sending fans into a frenzy, per Hindustan Times.

This even resulted in hate toward Jennie, with many of V's fans flooding her comment sections with negative remarks.

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