LE SSERAFIM Kim Garam to Take Temporary Hiatus as Source Music Details School Bullying Incident

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Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

Source Music officially released a full statement to address the latest claims against LE SSERAFIM member Kim Garam on Friday, May 20. The company revealed a detailed account of the newly-debuted idol’s side of the story and announced her temporary hiatus amid the worsening school bullying controversy.

The music label initially wanted not to detail the exact series of events that occurred in 2008 when Kim Garam was in the middle school, considering the underage individuals involved in the matter. However, with the increasing accusations against the LE SSERAFIM member, it was left with no choice and finally broke its silence.

Source Music Detailed the Bullying Incident Involving Kim Garam

The company started its lengthy statement, as obtained by AllKpop, with an apology to the fans. It then explained the reason for the delay due to the fears that the minors’ identities and social media accounts would be exposed.

However, with different communities and exaggerated rumors surrounding its talent, it decided to finally clear the accusations.

It then emphasized the key point from the School Violence Countermeasures Committee session: Yoon Eunseo, law firm Daeryun’s client, took a photo of a classmate changing clothes without consent.

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Eunseo then shared this photo with another classmate through SNS. This angered Garam and her friends and they confronted Eunseo, but no physical violence was involved.

Eunseo acknowledged what she did but received no punishment. She then accused Garam and others of being bullies and called upon a committee meeting.

However, Eunseo had already moved to another school before the meeting, leaving Garam and another student penalized.

Source Music claimed many students knew this happened and some witnesses could testify.

Kim Garam, a Victim of Bullying Too

After receiving her punishment, Garam became a hot topic of different rumors at her school. There were claims she hit a friend with a planting pot and was forced to transfer.

A teacher even interfered and students were brought before her to apologize.

Other students also forced Garam and her friends to join group chatrooms, where they were verbally abused and bullied.

If she tried to leave these virtual rooms, didn’t read the messages or didn’t respond, she would also be bullied.

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When the bullying went out of hand, Garam and her friends asked for their teachers’ help.

Until today, Garam is still suffering from various rumors that are not all true.

Source Music cleared that she wasn’t forced to transfer schools, never hit anyone and was never escorted by police in school.

She was also never involved in gang fights, didn’t smoke or drink underage, never spoke rudely of any artists, and was never a trainee at other agencies and was removed.

Source Music Reveals Reason for Responding to Accusations Against Kim Garam

Source Music initially wanted to resolve this issue without going into details and publicizing what really happened.

But several false and malicious rumors were spread online against Garam. Her involvement in a School Violence Countermeasures Committee was also publicized one-sidedly.

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“Thus, we had no choice but to respond to the accusations with a detailed account of the situation, and we deeply regret this fact,” the company explained.

The rumors and attacks are now taking their toll on the 16-year-old singer, resulting in “significant mental strain.”

With that said, they have decided to let her take a temporary hiatus from promotions to focus on healing herself mentally and emotionally.

Until she recovers, LE SSERAFIM will promote as a five-member group.

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