Green Mother’s Club Episode 15 Release Date, Preview and More: The Arrest of Gun Woo and the Fall of Chun Hui

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Credit: JTBC Drama/YouTube Screenshot

Kim Young Mi (Jang Hye-Jin) will redeem herself in Green Mother’s Club Episode 15. The penultimate episode will show the arrest of Oh Gun Woo (Im Su Hyung) as more and more evidence come out against him.

A lot is about to happen in Green Mother’s Club Episode 15. Aside from the downfall of Gun Woo, it will also feature the fate of Byeon Chun Hui (Choo Ja-Hyun) as her dark secrets are about to be revealed.

Green Mother’s Club Episode 15 Preview

In the new episode preview, Young Mi can be seen handing Lee Eun Pyo (Lee Yo Won) a pen drive that may contain all the evidence against her husband, Gun Woo.

This may prove the director is an utterly perverted criminal and Seo Jin Ha (Kim Gyu Ri) is his victim. She finally tells Eun Puo everything Gun Woo has done, from deceiving her to abusing her kids.

Later, Gun Woo’s arrest is revealed, and he becomes a subject of media frenzy, being a director who has signed a famous actress for his next movie project.

Elsewhere, Chun Hui is seen having a fight with her husband, Kim Ju Seok (Choi Duk Moon), in the middle of the road, along with another person who has run away.

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Her life is about to turn upside down as the police have arrested her client. Later, Ju Seok is hurriedly getting more drugs from his office to sell illegally in Green Mother’s Club Episode 15.

“If you continue to do this, it’ll really be the end for us!” Chun Hui warns Ju Seok. “The guy living next door to us is a policeman, for god’s sake!”

Chun Hui refers to Jung Jae Ung (Choi Jae Rim), Eun Pyo’s husband, who is handling the case of the illegal drug trade in the city.

She then begs Eun Pyo to help her and look after her kids. She then meets Lee Man Soo (Yoon Kyung Ho) and gives him a tight embrace.

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In a voiceover, Park Yoon Joo (Joo Min Kyung) can be heard telling him that he is, after all, the father of her child. So, is Man Soo going to run away with Chun Hui?

Lastly, Rhea (Kim Gyu Ri) learns Jin Ha already knew about her affair with her husband, Luis (Roy), before taking her own life.

Green Mother’s Club Episode 14 Recap

Meanwhile, in Green Mother’s Club Episode 14, Young Mi warned Eun Pyo not to get involved in the issue between Jin Ha and Gun Woo. She stressed her husband was the victim here, being allegedly stalked by Jin Ha when she was still alive.

She even tried to hurt Eun Pyo by playing a recording of Jin Ha’s voice, saying she intentionally took Luis from her to hurt her.

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However, all these fell apart when Eun Pyo learned Gun Woo was the one who threatened her in the dark alley and when Housekeeper Nam (Shim So Young) gave her his nude photo.

The investigation about Jin Ha’s nude pictures began, and they learned Gun Woo himself edited them.

What happens from here can be seen when Green Mother’s Club Episode 15 drops on Wednesday, May 25.

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