Will Wonder Egg Priority Be Dubbed in English? When to Expect a Dub Release Date for the Anime

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February 23, 2021  02:46 PM

With its tragic but relatable storyline, great characterization, and stunning visuals, Wonder Egg Priority, an original anime by studio CloverWorks in one of the stars of the Winter 2021 anime seasons. The show is aired weekly on Funimation and Hulu English subtitles – but is there an English dub?

The more popular an anime becomes, the more fans in the US and Europe start looking forward to an English dub. While many anime fans prefer the Japanese original, some feel more comfortable watching their favorite shows without subtitles.

Wonder Egg Priority

To be fair to them, while something is always lost in translation, dubbing is still an art and – when done well – a remarkable achievement. An anime like Wonder Egg Priority, which deals with extreme emotions and horrifying situations, would definitely have a lot of potential for good acting in any language.

We have both good and bad news regarding the dub. The good news is that, since the anime is on Funimation, its chances of getting dubbed are higher than they might have been elsewhere. After all, Funimation is known for its simuldubs that is, releasing dubbed episodes almost immediately after the original airing in Japan. At only 12 episodes Wonder Egg would hopefully be dubbed relatively fast.

Wonder Egg Priority

The bad news is that there is no confirmation about a Wonder Egg Priority dub. Don’t despair, however, as this could change any day. Another ongoing anime, Mushoku Tensei premiered dubbed a few days ago. Since Wonder Egg Priority is so well-received by audiences, it’s safe to assume that its chances to be dubbed are pretty high.

Of course, the ongoing pandemic has influenced every aspect of culture, and anime shows are no exception. Already, many anime of this season such as The Promised Neverland Season 2, were aired later than originally planned due to Covid-19.

Wonder Egg Priority

It’s no wonder then that Funimation had to slow down its dubbing activities and prioritize carefully. Potentially adding to the difficulty is the fact that Wonder Egg would be a challenging anime to dub. The traumatic topics it tackles would need time to be translated and acted carefully in order to make it as realistic as possible.

Then, there’s the show’s music and the incredible chemistry between the four main voice actors who portray Ai and her friends. All are at an early stage in their careers, particularly Aikawa Kanata, who gives her voice to Ai, and they’ve all done an amazing job, setting high stakes for any dub.

The four actresses formed a unit called Anemoneria and perform the opening theme and the closing song of Wonder Egg Priority. Both are great songs that perfectly fit the show. When a dub is in the cards, whether to dub the songs too and, if so, how to achieve a harmonious result as Anemoneria did might also be a consideration.

Until we have a definitive answer about the English dub of Wonder Egg Priority, we strongly suggest that you watch it as it comes out even if you don’t like subtitles. The voice acting in Japanese is really great, and, as the anime already seems to promise high re-watch value, the dub will still be something to look forward to!

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