How Many Episode Will Season 1 of Wonder Egg Priority Have?

Credit: CloverWorks

Credit: CloverWorks

With all four main characters accounted for and developing a heart-warming friendship, Wonder Egg Priority is picking up and taking some interesting turns. The fifth episode aired last Wednesday and – in true Wonder Egg fashion – it didn't shy away from difficult topics, including abuse and the dangers of the beauty industry. So, how many more episodes can we expect?

For those who haven't yet begun watching it, Wonder Egg Priority is an original psychological fantasy anime that started airing this January. It tells the story of Ai, a reclusive 14-year-old girl who tries to make sense of the world following her best friend's suicide.

Along with Neiru, Rika and Momoe, Ai purchases eggs from mysterious entities and spends her nights in a nightmarish world that materializes in her dreams; by protecting people who have committed suicide from their worst fears, she sets them free.

The four girls are as different as can be, but they have one thing in common; they've lost someone close to them and the death was somehow associated with them. By risking their lives in the dream world, they come closer to rescuing the people they've lost.

Wonder Egg Priority has been commented on for its art, music, strong characterization, and the way it handles triggering topics including suicide, abuse, and self-harm. Unfortunately for its already devoted fanbase, the first season isn't expected to belong. According to the big anime database MyAnimeList, the show will have 12 episodes, meaning we're already almost halfway through.

This is an original anime that draws from no manga or light novel, so, until an announcement is made, we can't tell whether the anime will get more episodes in the future; this is really up to the creators since there's no source material to restrict them.

But while such a small number of episodes might seem like bad news for fans, the decision to keep the first season short makes sense on many levels. Wonder Egg Priority is remarkably insightful and bold. While it does use some shōjo conventions particularly from the Magical Girl subgenre, it also does things in its own way.

Now that the four main girls have come together the anime seems ready to delve into even darker topics, with the quiet Neiru revealing ominous details about her backstory, and the suicide of Ai's friend still remains a mystery. From the traumatic experiences the main girls have gone through to the tragic stories of the girls they set free, the anime attempts to comment on all the monsters, literal and metaphorical that can hinder a girl's growth, if not outright kill her, while it's honest about the responsibility that comes with magically saving the world.

In that, Wonder Egg Priority is similar to other deconstructions of the Magical Girl genre such as Mahō ShōjoMadoka Magika, which also happens to be short. Longer episode plans would risk falling into a ‘monster of the week' structure, while Wonder Egg Priority is about so much more. Moreover, a small number of episodes that are easy to handle might ensure the difficult topics we encounter are dealt with in a subtle and respectful manner.

Of course, this doesn't mean we aren't allowed to wish for a Season 2. In any case, we've gathered a few anime like Wonder Egg Priority you should start watching.

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