Is Wonder Egg Priority Anime Based on a Manga or Light Novel and Is It Complete, Finished, or Ongoing? Here Is Everything You Need to Know

Credit: CloverWorks

Credit: CloverWorks

Wonder Egg Priorityis arguably one of the best quality anime of the Winter 2021, with nostalgic music, amazing art, an intriguing – if painful – plot, and strong characters that leave viewers wanting more. So, is there a Wonder Egg Priority Light Novel or Manga that you can read before new episodes come out?

Unlike much other anime of this season, such as Mushoku Tensei and Beastars, Wonder Egg Priority is actually an original work written by Shinji Nojima directly for TV. So far, only 12 episodes have been confirmed, but since the creators are not restricted by any source material, they could choose to expand it.

Wonder Egg Priority follows Ai Ooto, a 14-year-old who can't move on following the suicide of her best and only friend. By day, she's a reclusive, traumatized girl who can't attend school, but by night, she turns into a magical girl of sorts; along with her new friends Neiru, Rika, and Momoe, she spends her nights in a nightmarish world.

The four girls are tasked with protecting people who have committed suicide from the metaphorical monsters related to their deaths, be them bullying, abuse, or the beauty industry. For every person they save, they come closer to saving the loved one they lost.

This intriguing, heart-breaking premise rings bells of other anime that tackled similar topics, such as Angel Beats! which features children who find themselves in a sort of afterlife they must be freed from, and Mahō ShōjoMadoka Magika which deconstructs the magical girl trope and is honest about trauma and the impact of having to save the world on a girl's development.

But this isn't all the aforementioned anime have in common with Wonder Egg. These are also original works, written for TV first. And while it would be nice to have more Wonder Egg material right now, the lack of source material could actually be good news for fans.

Having no light novel or manga to draw from means no chance of disappointment over infidelity to that source, as has been the case with The Promised Neverland Season 2. Moreover, franchises such as Madoka Magika and Angel Beats! ended up getting adaptations such as manga and visual novels following the success of the anime originals.

There's no such announcement about Wonder Egg Priority so far, but there's no reason for the franchise not to be expanded if it remains popular by the end of Season 1. Whatever the case, here are a few anime like Wonder Egg Priority you should start watching.

In the meantime, you can find new episodes of Wonder Egg Priority every Wednesday on Funimation. You can also check out other anime airing on Funimation this season such as Kemono Jihen and Horimiya.

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