Wonder Egg Priority Episode 7 Release Date, Release Time, Where to Watch English Sub Online, Countdown, News and Everything You Need to Know About the Anime

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Episode 6 of Wonder Egg Priority was released today, marking the end of the first half of Season 1. This episode was sinister, emotional, and whimsical all at once; it looks like we're getting both closer to and further from learning what really happened to Koito, while Ai must navigate a new family situation on top of her trauma. Here is all you need to know before Episode 7 is released next week:

Wonder Egg Priority Overview and Episode 6 Recap


Wonder Egg Priority is an original show, written by Shinji Nojima, animated by Studio CloverWorks, and co-produced by Aniplex, NTV, and D.N. Dream Partners.

The anime follows Ai Ooto, who becomes unable to leave the house after the suicide of her best friend, Koito. But in her dream world, she becomes a magical girl saving people who have committed suicide and setting them free. For each person she frees, she comes closer to saving Koito... but at what cost?

The anime has been commented for its amazing style, the general sensitivity with which it tackles traumatic topics, and the opening theme song, which is performed by the four main characters' voice actors.

Episode 6 felt very much like the middle episode of the first season: the girls were rewarded with a 'level-up': each was given a pendant from which to hatch a cute reptile pet to help them in their mission. But Ai could not focus only on saving others this time.


As we've seen in previous episodes, Ai was often visited by her teacher, who appeared concerned about her absence from school. Her feelings towards him are complicated, as he seems to know something about Koito's death - but what? Episode 6 revealed that Ai's mother and Mr. Sawaki started dating, forcing Ai to face both her suspicions and her possible crush towards her teacher.

Wonder Egg Priority is becoming increasingly twisted. Hopefully, episode 7 will provide some answers.

Wonder Egg Priority Episode 7 Release Date


Wonder Egg Priority Episode 7 is going to be released next Wednesday the 24th of February 2021 for subscribed viewers or Funimation.

If you are streaming without a subscription, episode 7 will become available to you on March 3, but worry not because you'll get to watch episode 6 on the 24th of February.

Wonder Egg Priority Episode 7 Release Time


Wonder Egg Priority airs weekly at around 10:00 for the US and Canada. This would be around 16:00 for Central Europe.

Wonder Egg Priority Episode 7 Where to Watch with English Subs

Wonder Egg Priority is available for Funimation. You can use this streaming service for free even past the free trial but the new episodes will become available to you later and there will be ads. The premium plans start from $5.99 per month and allow you to watch episodes ad-free as they come out.


Wonder Egg Priority Episode 6 Countdown

Episode 7 of Wonder Egg Priority will be available in just 7 days for premium users of Funimation. Non-premium users will have to wait for 14 days.

In the meantime, be sure to check out other ongoing anime by studio CloverWorks, such as The Promised Neverland Season 2 and Horimiya.


Watch out for the next episode on February 24, 2021.

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