Dragon Ball Super: Vegeta Trending After Release of New Manga Chapter

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Content Creator
September 20, 2021  05:51 PM

Vegeta is trending again following the release of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76, titled The Fate of the Saiyans, in which the Saiyan Prince continues to fight the lone Cerealian survivor, Granolah in Planet Cereal.

Now, fans are talking about the intense fight that apparently has become one-sided as Granolah has dominated the fight with his insane power boost. Goku also joins back in the fight, but Vegeta has the spotlight in this chapter as he refuses to take help from his fellow Saiyan, and keeps up his pride despite the punishment he's getting from Granolah. 

Dragon Ball Super God of Destruction Vegeta

It didn't take long for Vegeta to trend on Twitter, with over 9000 tweets at the time of this writing. Vegeta keeps on fighting despite getting smashed by Granolah's overwhelming power. Fans pointed out how Vegeta is reverting back to his past with his stubborn attitude, and Goku is calling out Vegeta's stubbornness in the midst of the fight.

Even though Vegeta transforms back into his Ultra Ego form, he acknowledges that he hasn't fully mastered the form yet, and it looks like the Saiyan Prince will have to let go of his past to break the limits of his power, as Beerus told him during their last training. 

While some fans are criticizing Vegeta's stubborn character, some fans are hyped to see that the classic Vegeta attitude is back, and seeing him fight Granolah fearlessly is exciting for them to see. Vegeta doesn't seem to care if he dies, and he's too stubborn to give up his pride. He even kicks Goku away, telling him not to interfere, and he tells him that they only fight side-by-side if they had something to protect, but Goku reminds him that Vegeta also has to protect his own life.

Fans are loving Vegeta's suicidal battle spirit because it probably reminds them of the old Vegeta we know from Dragon Ball Z. Vegeta already sacrificed himself to take down Majin Buu before, and it looks like his attitude hasn't changed. 

While Vegeta may be the main higlight of this chapter, fans are also talking about Granolah's mother and Goku's father, Bardock

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76 is now available to read on Viz Media. You can read more details about the new chapter here.  If you're wondering where to watch the anime series, you can check out guide for Where to Watch Dragon Ball Super

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