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Dragon Ball Super Revisits Bardock in The Latest Chapter

Shueisha and Viz Media are set to release Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76 soon, and fans are expecting to see how the fight between Vegeta and Granolah will continue in the upcoming chapter. In the previous chapter, Granolah's power-up was enough to take Ultra Ego Vegeta down, but the fight is not over. For those who can't wait, spoilers from Chapter 76 have been leaked online, and the conclusion of the chapter brings a classic Dragon Ball character back to its story.

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Credit: Shueisha

Several spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76 have already been shared on social media, and the biggest surprise happens at the end: Just when Granolah is about to unleash a giant ki ball at Vegeta, a space ship arrives at full speed next to Goku, who is trying to stop Granolah's attack.


Inside the space ship is a Namekian Monite, and the ship is piloted by Granolah's A.I. companion, Oatmeel. Monite opens the space ship and calls Granolah, and he's surprised to see Monaito. Goku attacks Granolah, who stops his attack, and the ship lands, and Monite gets out of it. Monaito tells Granolah, "40 years ago, the one who saved us was a Saiyan called Bardock".

Long-time Dragon Ball fans would know that Bardock is the father of Raditz and Goku. The Saiyan warrior made his debut as the titular protagonist of the 1990 TV special Dragon Ball Z: Bardock - The Father of Goku. He was known as an adept fighter and devoted Saiyan Army soldier under the Frieza Force until he realized Frieza's tyrannical plans to annhilate the Saiyan race. Bardock was primarily created by Toei Animation, but the character also appeared in a two-panel cameo appearance in the Akira Toriyama's manga, in Frieza's flashback when he sees Goku, who reminds him of Bardock, Frieza recalls that Goku's father had attacked him right before he destroyed Planet Vegeta, and died alongside the rest of the Saiyans when Frieza annhilated the planet using a Supernova.

While the shonen franchise revealed details about Bardock's past before, there's still a lot of mystery surrounding Bardock's involvement in the annhilation of Saiyan race, and it looks like he also was a hero who cared about the greater good for various races, including the Cerealians. Monaito certainly knows Bardock's deeds, and the next chapter will likely reveal more details about the Saiyan's past.

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It would be interesting to see Goku's reaction to hearing about his father's story, and it's likely that Granolah will learn the truth about how Saiyans were not responsible for the extinction of his Cerealian race, as the Heeters led him to believe.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76 is set to release on Saturday, September 18. You can read more details about the new chapter here.