Aquaman Will Be a Coming-of-Age Story

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By Gel Galang | More Articles
April 29, 2017  10:46 AM

When you have someone like Jason Momoa playing the role of Arthur Curry a.k.a. Aquaman, it’s easy to picture him already being the King of Atlantis. It’s easy to see Amber Heard as Mera by his side as Queen.

But from the treatment of the story, he’s far from being the confident half-man, half-Atlantean that he actually already looks to be. Speaking to GQ, Momoa shared that Aquaman will actually be a story of him coming to grips with the two sides of his being.

“The guy was never really accepted on land, and he was never really accepted in Atlantis. He’s a half-breed. But he’s the best of both worlds. He just doesn’t know how to handle his powers. So it’s kind of a coming of age for a young man to a man or a man to a king. He’s lost a lot of things and he’s got to cope. He’s an outsider.”

If there was something more about the movie that Momo was excited about was that it’s the first movie ever for the role, so he gets to set the tone for it. Indeed, before Momoa, almost everyone who has ever been a fan of DC will know that Aquaman is the butt of jokes.

The wimpiness of his appearance makes him not worth Mera’s time, and that unflattering orange and green costume combo is far from the looks of the regal King of Atlantis that he’s supposed to be.

Aquaman will be out in theaters in 2018. Fans can see a little more of Momoa in his role as Aquaman when Justice League premieres on Nov. 17.

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