Zom 100: Every Main Character's Age & Birthday

Zom 100: Every Main Character's Age & Birthday

Zom 100: Every Main Character's Age & Birthday

The wacky anime and manga series, Zom 100, is full of interesting yet relatable characters! To learn more about these beloved characters, here’s every Zom 100 main character’s age, birthday, and more!

Zom 100 follows Akira Tendo, a young man who wants to finish his ultimate bucket list of the dead.

He is joined by his longtime friend, Kencho, the girl of his dreams, Shizuka, and the beautiful Japanese otaku Beatrix Amerhauser on an adventure of a lifetime!

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Zom 100: Every Main Character’s Age & Birthday

By now, fans already have their own favorites in Zom 100: Ultimate Bucket List of the Dead, even more so when it received an anime adaptation.

Because each of the characters in the series is crucial to the plot, we anticipate that fans will rally behind their favorites should something horrible occur to them in the series!

Despite its wacky and laid-back plot, no one is safe in Zom 100! After all, Zom 100 is still a zombie anime, and a zombie bite can be fatal!

On that note, you can learn more about your favorite characters' personal information, such as their age, birthday, and more below!

Akira Tendo: The Former Corporate Slave Turned Zombie Survivor

Akira Tendo is only 24 years old in Chapter 1. He was a young man who aspired to work in the production department of one of Japan's largest corporations.

It was a dream come true for a newcomer like Akira to be a part of such a large corporation, but after his first day on the job, it turned into a horrific nightmare.

Who can blame him? It was his first day, but he didn't leave until almost three days later!

Unfortunately, an exploitative corporation ruined Akira's goals and aspirations.

Akira Tendo: The Former Corporate Slave Turned Zombie Survivor
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But when the zombie outbreak occurred, Akira was finally able to free himself from all of his life's worries as well as his work responsibilities.

Akira is already 25 years old by Chapter 35. He's more content now that he can finally accomplish what he wants with his life.

Unfortunately, we don't know when Akira's birthday is, so we can't plan a celebration for him.

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Shizuka Mikazuki: The Risk Analyst Who Wants to Become a Doctor

Shizuka Mikazuki is 26 in Chapter 12 of the Zom 100 manga. She appears youthful for her age, leading us to believe she is only 18–20 years old.

Her birthday is likewise unknown, but Shizuka is already 27 years old in Chapter 35 of the manga.

She had aspired to be a doctor since she was a child. Her conservative father, on the other hand, does not want her to because of their family business and their important social standing.

Shizuka Mikazuki: The Risk Analyst Who Wants To Become A Doctor
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This had a significant impact on Shizuka's personality, as evidenced by her response toward Akira when they first met in a convenience store.

Unlike Akira, Shizuka is a very calculated young lady. She is not impulsive, and she examines risk more thoroughly than anyone else in Akira's group.

If Akira has a list of 100 things he wants to do before becoming a zombie, Shizuka has a list of things she needs to do to survive the zombie outbreak!

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Kenichiro Ryuzaki: The Former Realtor Who Wants to Become a Stand-Up Comedian

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Kenichiro Ryuzaki, or just Kencho, is 24 years old in Chapter 3. He is a ladies' man who has been so successful in his career that Akira is envious of his achievements.

However, he is not truly content. Despite his success, he wishes to change jobs and become a stand-up comedian.

Similar to Akira, Kencho is 25 years old by Chapter 35. Sure he is coexisting with zombies in Japan, but Kencho is now chasing his aspirations.

The most important thing is that Kencho lives his life the way he wants to live it, not for the sake of others.

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Beatrix Amerhauser: Fan of All Things Japanese

The beautiful yet peculiar foreigner, Beatrix Amerhauser, is only 21 years old, making her the youngest in the group!

She is a fan of all things Japanese, especially the country’s culture and traditions. But like the others, Beatrix’s birthday is also unknown.

Beatrix flew all the way to Japan, but she was welcomed by a horde of flesh-eating zombies.

She managed to stay alive on her own until she was discovered by Akira and the others, thanks to her resourcefulness and desire to restore Japan to its former splendor.

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