Will Akira Finish His Bucket List in Zom 100?

Will Akira Finish His Bucket List in Zom 100?

Will Akira Finish His Bucket List in Zom 100?

Since the zombie outbreak began, Akira Tendou, a former corporate slave, has wanted to experience everything the world has to offer! So he gets his pen and notebook to list down 100 things to do before he becomes a zombie. But will Akira ever finish his bucket list in Zom 100?

Set in fictional Japan, where humanity has been pushed to extinction, Akira Tendou finally breaks free from his exploitative corporation!

It is now time for him to spread his wings and do everything he wants, except there are zombies who are craving his human flesh!

Spoiler Warning: This article contains spoilers from the Zom 100 manga!

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What Is Akira’s Bucket List of the Dead?

As the title suggests, Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead is an action-packed anime with a lot of zombies! A zombie-infested world may seem dangerous to some, but Akira Tendou's journey of a lifetime has only just begun!

And what better way to begin an adventure than by making a list of 100 things to do?

In Akira's case, though, his bucket list includes 100 things to achieve before he turns into a zombie!

The problem is that Akira can only think of a few things to do, and he can't just do them all by himself!

With the help of Kencho, Shizuka, Bea, Takemina, and Izuna, it appears like Akira's bucket list will be completed!

So far, Akira and the others have compiled a list of 94 interesting things to do before they all turn into zombies, which are as follows:

  • Confess to the girl I loved
  • Clean my room
  • Loaf around and drink beer all-day
  • Ride a motorcycle
  • Try out dreadlocks
  • Travel around the country
  • Pig out at a nice sushi restaurant
  • See an aurora
  • Wine and dine with a flight attendant
  • Grow a cool beard
  • Marathon some games on a widescreen TV
  • Stuff my face with all-you-can-eat crabs
  • Airsoft
  • Skydiving
  • Get a solid gold watch
  • Kick back in a hot spring
  • Ride an RV
  • Go stay-at-home camping
  • Paint an oil painting
  • Party at a show club
  • Learn SLR Photography
  • Attempt cosplay
  • Build a treehouse
  • Learn English
  • Give free hugs
  • Build a ship in a bottle
  • Try SUP Yoga
  • Give an outdoor concert
  • Win big at gambling
  • Binge-read all 60 volumes of Three Kingdoms
  • Go home and spend time with my parents
  • Drink and laugh with my best bud
  • Meet the woman of my dreams
  • Become a stand-up comic
  • Remember my childhood dream
  • Become a superhero
  • Tell off my jerk of a boss
  • Give back to my parents
  • Meet a girl via a dating app
  • Make Dad get hemorrhoid surgery
  • Bring a smile to as many people as possible
  • Become a doctor
  • Restore Nippon to its natural beauty
  • Party on a luxury cruise ship
  • Swim with dolphins
  • Live in a castle
  • Waterfall meditation
  • Ride an ostrich
  • Eat Yobuko squid
  • Hatsumode at Ise Shrine
  • Chomp into a hunk of manga meat
  • Reach the northernmost part of Japan
  • Go on a Japanese sake-drinking spree
  • Make an original T-shirt
  • Live on a deserted island
  • Cook on a Swedish torch
  • Stay in an overwater bungalow
  • Play billiard-soccer
  • Video Streaming
  • See the sunrise from Mt. Fuji
  • Go Canyoneering
  • Run a bar
  • Stay in a penthouse suite
  • Wear a fancy dress
  • Operate a robot
  • Visit my grandad’s grave
  • Play the Cajon
  • Be a Shikoku pilgrim
  • Go on a marine walk
  • Drive a steam locomotive
  • Be entertained by geisha
  • Find a dinosaur fossil
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  • See a Yakushima cedar
  • Pole fish a marlin
  • Build a home theater
  • Be part of a flash mob
  • Have a scare dare
  • Carve a Buddhist statue
  • Try fasting
  • Get my teeth whitened
  • Complete a Spatathalon
  • Bathe in an oil-drum bath
  • Get a good night’s sleep
  • Pursue happiness
  • Have nothing to do
Akira Tendou's Bucket List in Zom 100
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  • Make soba noodles
  • Be a falconer
  • Smoke a hookah
  • Hitchhike
  • Experience zero gravity
  • Wander old ruins
  • Be in a coffin
  • Stop living for other people’s sake
  • Become a professional gamer

Perhaps you’ll also find something interesting to add to your own bucket list.

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Will Akira Finish His Bucket List of the Dead in Zom 100?

Will Akira Finish His Bucket List of the Dead in Zom 100?
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As of writing, Akira has yet to complete his ultimate bucket list of the dead. In fact, there's even more for Akira and the group to experience! There are still six items they need to add to the list of 100 things to do!

But the gang has come a long way! They've done everything from digging for dinosaur fossils to managing a bar! Name it!

Honestly, we couldn't believe Akira and the others could pull it off, especially since Japan is under a state of emergency due to the rampant zombie epidemic!

The most difficult item for Akira and the others to tick off their bucket list is probably number 43: "Restore Nippon to its natural beauty", which was added by Beatrix.

If the gang can find a cure and/or Tsuru is able to mass produce a vaccine, Nippon (Japan) will be restored to its former grandeur.

The road ahead, however, is challenging, and developing a vaccine will take a long time!

One thing is certain: Akira and the others will not give up their fight to complete the bucket list.

They all swore to see it through to the end, despite the fact that they would face major threats along the way!

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