Zico Shares Mental, Physical Health Update After Military Service Discharge

Credit: STONE MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT/Youtube Screenshot

Credit: STONE MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT/Youtube Screenshot

Zico shed some light on his health status after his military discharge.

After nearly two years, Zico officially completed his mandatory military service on April 29. His agency, KOZ Entertainment, released a statement saying that the rapper went out of the camp without a special event to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

He completed his service after his enlistment in July 2020. Zico first spent four weeks at basic military service before serving as a public service worker.

After his discharge, Zico revealed his current condition to take fans’ worries away.

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Zico Shares Health Status

In an interview with W Korea, Zico shared an insight about his current health update.

Per the BLOCK B member, he has been doing well since his discharge.

“Fortunately, I am currently both mentally and physically healthy. Simultaneously with my discharge from the military, I’ve already completed putting together all the plans for my upcoming activities. All I need to do now is execute,” he said.

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Zico is yet to confirm his comeback in the industry, but his statement about his health came after his agency, KOZ Entertainment, revealed that he did not enter the traditional army and would serve as a public service officer instead due to his history of heart surgery.

Details about the medical procedure were undisclosed. But some people questioned why he did not get exempted from serving in the military instead.

Zico’s Past Health Issues Shared by His Mother

Before his enlistment in 2020, his mother shared a heartfelt article about the rapper’s past life-threatening issues.

In the article, as shared by Bbangya News, it was revealed that Zico survived cardiac surgery, asthma, and hernia when he was still a child. It resonated with what she told a fan in 2012, saying that the idol spent most of his time as a baby in the ER.

She noted that he underwent two cardiac surgeries due to congenital heart disease when he was in the fourth grade.

Though it happened a long time ago, Zico still does his best to take care of his heart and prevent himself from overworking.

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