2NE1 CL Cried Hard After Coachella Performance, Dara Says

Credit: MNET KPOP/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: MNET KPOP/YouTube Screenshot

2NE1’s reunion at the Coachella Festival must have been heartwarming for CL.

After six years, 2NE1 surprised BLACKJACK when the four members performed together again at the Coachella Festival. Nobody was expecting their reunion at the event after their disbandment, but CL took the chance to bring the girls on stage with her after 88rising’s Head In The Clouds Forever set allowed her to do so.

With that, the world saw CL, Bom, Dara, and Minzy on stage once more.

As it became their latest performance since performing at the 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards reunion, the group’s leader could not help but cry – for the first time – in front of her co-members.

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2NE1 CL Cried in Front of Members For the 1st Time

On Wednesday, CL made a guest appearance on You Quiz on the Block and revealed to Yu Jae Seok and Cho Sae Ho about the special moment she had with 2NE1 last month.

The MTBD singer particularly told the hosts about the time they were returning to her accommodation after 2NE1’s performance. Per CL, it took them 40 minutes to arrive at their accommodation. Still, nobody talked throughout the journey as the members tried to cherish the memory.

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"After putting everything into our hearts like that, we got to the accommodation and started our own after party. We had burgers and bibim-men (spicy noodles), and danced all night. We had a blast,” she said.

After that night, CL cried in front of her members for the very first time.

According to the leader, she got emotional when she sent Dara and Bom off to Korea.

Dara Thought CL Would Always Be Cool

After CL’s statement, a pre-recorded video of Dara was shown, talking about the same subject.

She noted that the leader held their hands for a long time while crying. Since CL had always been the strong leader they knew, it surprised them to see her break down.

“She's usually too cool that I've always thought to myself, 'Nothing would ever make her cry,’” she added. "As she cried, she said to us, 'I'm going to feel so lonely once you all leave.' I think she had this anxiety that this moment would never come again."

2NE1 disbanded in 2016 after the members got individual issues and plans. Minzy already left the group before the disbandment, while Park Bom started her hiatus in 2014 following her drug issue. Meanwhile, CL and Dara pursued a career in the US and focused on acting, respectively.

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