Jung Kyung Ho Doing His Best to Become Husband Material For Girls' Generation Sooyoung

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Credit: AMAZING SATURDAY/YouTube Screenshot

Jung Kyung Ho and Sooyoung might take their relationship to the next level once the actor finally becomes the perfect man for her.

Out of all the love stories in the Korean music and TV industry, Jung Kyung Ho and Sooyoung’s relationship remains the most ideal one since they have been making it stronger in the past 10 years.

Their story began when a dating rumor surfaced in 2013, but they both denied and clarified that they only had a hoobae-sunbae relationship.

But the photo of them having a car date in January 2014 confirmed their romance, and they have been growing stronger together since then.

But the Hospital Playlist actor reportedly continues to work on himself to become the right man for his girlfriend.

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Jung Kyung Ho Wants To Be Perfect For Sooyoung

Rapper Outsider, who is Jung Kyung Ho’s friend, recently divulged details about the actor’s preparations to make himself better for the K-pop idol.

He told TBS FM’s radio show 4 o’clock Operation, General Choi (via SBS News) that Jung Kyung Ho wants everything to be perfect before marrying Sooyoung.

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"To be completely honest, I find it amazing that they haven't gotten married yet. They look perfect together, and they love each other so much,” the rapper said. "They have been dating for a long time, but Chung Kyung-ho always says that he is preparing to be that perfect man for Sooyoung. He's working hard and earning more money. He said that he has to be fully prepared (to marry her)."

Jung Kyung Ho and Sooyoung have been dating for over 10 years, and they made their relationship official in January 2014.

Although they seem to be waiting for the perfect timing to tie the knot, Sooyoung has already inspired her boyfriend to be who he is today.

Sooyoung a Perfect Example For Jung Kyung Ho

In an interview with Marie Claire Korea, Jung Kyung Ho showered his girlfriend with love by saying that the idol created who he is today.

He explained that the Girls’ Generation member guides him in everything he does by telling him what to do and not to do.

There is also an interesting buzz about the duo’s relationship, claiming that the actor is Sooyoung’s first love.

For now, they are also expanding their acting careers by starring in different dramas, including Hospital Playlist and So I Married An Anti-Fan.

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