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Yura Shares What Fans Should Expect on Her Upcoming Drama, Forecasting Love And Weather

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Yura, a member of the K-pop girl group Girl's Day, will take on a new challenge as she officially joins the upcoming drama, Forecasting Love and Weather.

Most K-pop idols have been sidelining in the Korean acting industry, and they all show remarkable results since their dramas are usually hit. For Yura's part, she took a leap in her acting career by making her debut in the Chinese drama, Secret Angel, in 2012. She went on to appear in more series and sitcoms, including To the Beautiful You, Reckless Family, The Clinic of Married Couples: Love and War 2, and Be Arrogant.

After her stint in Now, We Are Breaking Up, Yura will appear in another drama under JTBC starting next month.

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Yura Excited to Portray Her Forecasting Love and Weather Character

Yura recently opened up about her feelings in a new interview ahead of the arrival of her drama.

According to the idol, Forecasting Love and Weather's script was fun and interesting that she always kept wondering what the next episode would be. She also commended director Cha Young Hoon's works that taught her great things and lessons.

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With that, all staff and cast members experienced a warm and joyful set.

When she talked about her new character, Chae Yoo Jin, Yura expressed how excited she currently feels since it is a new kind of role.

"I mainly played [someone who] is very bright or is straightforward and hip or has a distinct personality. However, Chae Yoo Jin is a young person who you can commonly see around you. That ordinariness felt more special to me," she explained.

Who is Chae Yoo Jin?

Forecasting Love and Weather tells the story of people who work at the Korea Meteorological Administration, the country's national weather service. Yura works with Park Min Young (Jin Ha Kyung), Song Kang (Lee Si Woo), and Yoon Bak (Han Ki Joon).

The K-pop idol's character, Chae Yoo Jin, is an arrogant daily weather reporter who landed a spot in the weather and lifestyle team. Though she is a bit conceited, she is actually suffering on the inside.

Yura's fans can learn more about her character once the drama premieres on February 12.

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