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Heo Cham, Veteran Korean actor, Dead At 73

Credit: KBS WORLD TV/YouTube Screenshot

Heo Cham, a well-known Korean host, became the latest star to lose his shine.

For decades, Heo Cham graced several TV shows that made him grow to become the Nation's MC. But out of all the projects he handled, he famously established himself as the original host of the long-running Family Arcade on KBS.

Heo Cham led the program for 25 years, from 1984 to 2009. He also appeared in more TV shows and music-related programs, transforming him into one of the highly-respected TV show hosts.

However, fans will not be able to see him lead a show again as the veteran entertainer unfortunately passed away.

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Heo Cham's Cause of Death

Sports Kyunghyang released a report confirming that the TV show host passed away on February 1. He was 73.

The news outlet confirmed that Heo Cham's cause of death was due to liver cancer he had battling privately for years. Despite confirming his diagnosis, the veteran star continued to work in the industry for years.

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"Heo Cham kept his battle with liver cancer a closely guarded secret up until the very end… he appeared to be doing fine up until December of last year, and he even continued his broadcast activities, but his health took a sudden turn for the worse," a source close to Heo Cham said.

Why Did Heo Cham Refuse to Let People Know About His Cancer?

Xportsnews has since released an exclusive photo of Heo Cham's funeral, showing the MC smiling wildly in the picture.

Even after his death, Heo Cham never wanted to be a burden to other people. He reportedly even tried winning his battle against cancer while refusing to rely on people.

"He tried to recover while hiding the fact that he was battling liver cancer from those around him," the source went on. "It seems like he was afraid of burdening those around him or his family."

It remains unknown when he discovered he had the disease. His family is also yet to release an official statement to address Heo Cham's death or details about his funeral.

Meanwhile, his fans took their time to send heartfelt messages to the family as they honored the star's legacy.

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