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Rain Workout Routine 2022: Kim Tae Hee’s Husband Follows Strict Workout Routine To Maintain Ripped Physique

Credit: RAIN'S OFFICIAL CHANNEL/YouTube Screenshot

Rain has been making his fans drop their jaws with his incredible top physique.

When he debuted in 1998, Rain showed off his boy-next-door appearance before taking a break following Fanclub’s disbandment. Soon after returning to the music and acting industry in 2002, he finally showed more of himself and the physique all idols want to have. From there, he grew to become one of the most sought-after stars that most productions included him on their projects’ cast members.

But his massive transformation is rooted in the workout regime he has been following for years, and fans can even follow his routines!

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Rain’s Workout Routine 2022

The Full House actor has been open about his strict diet, which mostly includes vegetables and the roasted foods he prepares for himself. He also completes his whole meal with an apple.

“I buy my own food, in exactly the serving size that I need to eat, and I set it aside. So I’ll ask my wife in advance, ‘Do you want to eat?’ And if no one wants to eat, I’ll prepare a meal just for myself alone, eat it, do the dishes, and clean up everything. I like doing things that way,” he explained.

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But aside from following a diet, he also partners it with multiple exercises to maintain his ripped appearance.

Rain’s workout routine is “circuit training,” where he only consumes short rest periods after performing multiple exercises. He completes it with bodyweight exercises, traditional weight lifting, and kettlebell exercises.

While it sounds like it is easy to do, he performs his routine at least eight hours a day. After trying the training for the first time, Rain was able to reduce his body fat from 12 percent to 5 percent.

In addition, the Diamond Lover actor follows the famous Tabata training, or high-intensity interval training (HIIT), which is composed of eight rounds of high-intensity exercises for 20 seconds before having 10-second intervals after every set.

Rain Always Bumps With Running Man’s Kim Jong Kook

Maybe Rain’s workout routine also got better since he reportedly bumps into Kim Jong Kook almost all the time he goes to the gym.

According to the Hallyu star, he always sees the Running Man star, who always yells loudly on the other side of the gym as he works out.

“Even on holidays, if I go to the gym in the wee hours of the morning, in order to quietly work out when there’s no one around, Kim Jong Kook is there exercising and making loud noises,” he went on.

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