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All of Us Are Dead: Latest Netflix K-Drama Dominates Global Charts

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Credit: NETFLIX/YouTube Screenshot

All of Us Are Dead brought another binge-worthy zombie apocalypse horror plotline to the K-drama fans.

The recently released series tells the story of the students trapped inside a high school in South Korea when a zombie apocalypse breaks out. Its director, Lee Jae Kyoo, revealed that the team decided to bring actors who are yet to bloom but have the potential to become breakout stars soon. Thus, they cast Park Ji Hu, Yoon Chan Young, Cho Yi Hyun, Park Solomon, Lee Yoo Mi, Yoo In Soo, Kim Byung Chul, Jeon Bae Soo, and Lee Kyu Hyung on board.

As early as April 2020, Netflix confirmed in a press release that JTBC Studios would collaborate with Film Monster to produce a series based on the webtoon Now at Our School. But just like any other series and movies, All of Us Are Dead had to postpone its filming and production due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

But the long wait was worth it as the Korean series is now on its road toward success.

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All of Us Are Dead Earns Massive Support Across the Globe

On Thursday, Netflix announced that the latest Korean series made a successful global debut, pushing it to earn the title the new Squid Game.

As reported by The Korea Times, it has been confirmed that the series topped the streaming giant's non-English language TV Top 10 list for the week of January 24 to 30. Although it was released on Friday, it managed to have 124.79 million viewing hours, outshining all other series that arrived earlier than it did.

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Netflix added that All of Us Are Dead scored a spot on the Top 10 in 91 countries in just one week. It also became No. 1 in 29 nations, including Korea, Germany, and France.

With those milestones, the new series became the fourth Korean-language flick that topped the streaming site's weekly official chart for non-English TV series. Squid Game, Hellbound, and The Silent Sea previously got the spot.

What Made All of Us Are Dead Different From Other Zombie Apocalypse Series and Movies

All of Us Are Dead also brought a fresh plotline, especially even after other breakout Korean flicks – like Train to Busan, Kingdom, and #Alive – arrived on Netflix.

But despite having the same concept, director Lee Jae Kyoo said that focusing on students and teenagers made the whole series more interesting.

"They are not perfectly blended into society quite yet. The school is a confined space where no rescue comes. I thought it was very interesting how the teens are immature but compared to adults, they're more passionate," the filmmaker said, per Forbes. "I was wondering what kinds of decisions they would make in life-or-death situations."

All of Us Are Dead is still available to view on Netflix following its debut on January 28.

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