Young Star Wars Fan Saves Coins, Writes Adorable Letter to Amazon to Buy Lightsaber, Gets it Free

Image Credit: Banani Sarker Joshi (via Mashable)

A delightful young Padawan from Delhi, India has been gifted a lightsaber by Amazon.

Seven-year-old boy Star Wars fan, Rudra has dreamed of having his own lightsaber since he watched The Force Awakens last year, according to Mashable.

In order to purchase one, his mother Banani told him he had to save money. And so he did. Rudra saved hard by setting aside Rs 1,016 (the price of the lightsaber) in coins for months.

Unsure whether Amazon would accepts his payment all in coins, he gave the company a sincere, hand-written letter to make the request under its cash-on-delivery option.

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Image Credit: Banani Sarker Joshi (via Mashable)

Instead of just granting his request, Amazon India responded in a way that Master Yoda would be proud of. The Force-inspired people who received Rudra’s letter delivered the lightsaber as a gift, in addition to a note from them and a letter from Yoda.

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Image Credit: Banani Sarker Joshi (via Mashable)

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Image Credit: Banani Sarker Joshi (via Mashable)

It’s so cool to see Star Wars inspiring kindness in people, just like what The Force Awakens star Daisy Ridley encouraged in a post last month.

If only all people would cross over to the Light side, the world would be a better place.

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