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Yoo Ju Eun Cause of Death: Was Foul Play Involved in Her Death?

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Yoo Ju Eun tragically died this week by claiming her own life.

Yoo Ju Eun’s brother delivered the devastating news about the actress’s passing, saying that she died by suicide on August 29. He also shared a copy of her suicide letter on the now-deleted Instagram page, saying that it was the actress’s last request.

Although it has already been confirmed that she died by suicide, a news outlet quoted that there were reports about alleged foul play.

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Was Foul Play Involved in Her Death?

While the family and fans are mourning Yoo Ju Eun’s death, US Day News shared a report saying that unconfirmed buzz said that she died in a different way and that “the suicide is a fake show.”

This should be taken with a grain of salt though, as it did not actually state the “sources” of those buzzes.

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In addition, the publicized suicide note confirmed her cause of death, debunking the rumors about the alleged foul play.

Yoo Ju Eun debuted through tvN drama Big Forest. She also starred in Joseon Survival Period.

Amid the questionable rumors, her family wants to peacefully remember the actress’s life instead. Her funeral will reportedly take place at Ajou University Hospital.

Yoo Ju Eun Died by Suicide

The buzz came out after her brother confirmed her death after finding her suicide letter.

In the communication she left, Yoo Ju Eun told her family to continue living bravely while she watches everything from afar. She also asked them not to cry and feel hurt about her passing.

“I’m not sad at all in the slightest right now. I feel resolute and calm. I think it’s because I have thought of this for a long time. I’ve lived such a happy life that was more than I deserved. That’s why, it is enough for me. This is enough. So please live without placing blame on anymore,” part of the letter said.

She ended it with a request for her mother and father, telling them not to cry while expressing how much she loves them.

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