SHINHWA Eric Announces Baby No. 1 With Wife Na Hye Mi

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SHINHWA Eric and actress Na Hye Mi will finally expand their family

The industry has been blessed to have Eric and Na Hye Mi on its roster. The SHINHWA member first debuted in 1998 as an idol, leading the group to become of the oldest and most successful K-pop acts.


He eventually debuted as an actor and famously starred in hit series like Another Miss Oh and Discovery of Love.

Meanwhile, his wife Na Hye Mi debuted as an actress in 2001 and notably appeared in High Kick.

Although she has not been active since then, she and Eric found their way to each other — and they will have their little one soon.

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SHINHWA Eric, Na Hye Mi Pregnant With Baby No. 1

On Tuesday, Eric’s agency, TOP Media, confirmed that the idol-turned-actor and his wife are expecting their first child.

“Nah Hye-mi is pregnant. The couple has decided not to disclose details of the birth, like when she will have the baby, at this time,” the company said, per Korea JoongAng Daily.


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Eric became the first member to marry and the first one to expect a child among the group members.

The couple waited for four years before their first child arrived. In 2017, they held a private wedding at a church in Seoul.

SHINHWA Eric, Na Hye Mi’s Love Story

Before the recent good news, Na Hye Mi shared their story during her appearance in My Only One.

Per the actress, she was not initially close to Eric. But one day, she received a text message that read, “Hello. I’m Eric.”

She initially thought it was a joke, but she confirmed that it was the SHINHWA member when he called. From there, they became friends until they developed romantic feelings toward each other.


As for how Eric proposed, Na Hye Mi revealed that they were on a trip to rest. However, she was in a bad mood following an argument with him, causing Eric to leave her alone. As she knew the idol was not that type of person, she felt angrier at him.

“He somehow came inside, put something in my hand, and left. When I looked at it later, it said, ‘Come outside’ on the card. It felt like he was going to propose, so I woke up, took out a white dress, and put it on. There weren’t any signs [of a proposal] a month before the wedding, and I couldn’t go out in a tracksuit. I wasn’t in a good mood, but I put on makeup in the bathroom,” she recalled.

When she went outside, she saw him waiting for her on the white beach where he ultimately proposed.

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