Yoo Ah In New Movie: Actor Opens Up About Challenges While Making Netflix Flick Seoul Vibe

Credit: NETFLIX/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: NETFLIX/YouTube Screenshot

Yoo Ah In has a lot to say about his 2022 movie on Netflix, Seoul Vibe.

Seoul Vibe tells the story of the lives of troublemakers, Sanggye-dong Supreme Team, who team up to prevent Chairwoman Kang's money laundering scheme before the 1988 Olympics. In exchange for this, they will be given a visa to the US.

It premiered on Netflix on August 26 and served as the actor's newest film after the success of #Alive and Voice of Silence.

Though it has been receiving positive responses from Netflix users, Yoo Ah In opened up about his struggles while making the film.

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Yoo Ah In Opens Up About Seoul Vibe

Yoo Ah In had a recent interview with The Korea Times on Monday and spoke about his new film. He plays the role of driver Dong Wook in Seoul Vibe, a leader of a group of young drivers and mechanics.

Per the South Korean star, he felt concerned about whether or not the viewers would warmly receive the unique humor the movie has to offer.

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"I was worried about how the film would turn out because it was creatively and technically challenging. The film has its pros and cons but I'm relieved it mixes comedy, action, and adventure elements in a deeply entertaining package," he said.

Fortunately, his experience as a person who loves western culture somehow made his work way easier. According to him, his younger self once thought that western culture was cooler than Korean culture. But as he grew older, he realized that there is no superior or inferior in terms of these industries since they beautifully differ.

Yoo Ah In Reportedly Established Close Relationship With Seoul Vibe Cast Members

Elsewhere in the interview, he told the news outlet that he usually keeps his distance from his cast members. But Seoul Vibe reportedly changed that as the story focuses on the main characters' friendship.

He particularly applauded Lee Kyoo Hyung, who reportedly interacted with the cast members at all times.

"In Korean society, the age division creates this invisible wall, establishing a hierarchy between speakers. However, Lee went beyond that and got along with everyone well including Ong Seong-woo, who is 12 years younger than him," he said.

Seoul Vibe is still available to watch on Netflix as of press time.

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