Sunye Regrets Leaving Wonder Girls? K-pop Idol Reveals Real Reason Why She Quit Girl Group

Credit: SUNYE OFFICIAL/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: SUNYE OFFICIAL/YouTube Screenshot

Sunye, Wonder Girls former member, opened up about the highs and lows of her career, especially when she was a part of the girl group.

Unfortunately, she had to move on when Wonder Girls announced its disbandment in 2015. Sunye looked at the bright side, though, as it allowed her to meet the love of her life and eventually share her first child with him.

Despite that, Sunye still has lingering what ifs, which she opened up recently.

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Sunye Reveals Why She Left Wonder Girls

Sunye recently sat down for a heartfelt interview in the September 2 episode of Dr. Oh's Golden Clinic on Channel A.

As quoted by SBS News, the idol spoke candidly about her exit from Wonder Girls and how it caused her to feel burdened with unanswered questions. For what it's worth, she confirmed her marriage Korean-Canadian missionary James Park in 2013.

They officially tied the knot in 2015, leading the idol to begin her new married life in Canada.

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She then revealed what pushed her to leave the spotlight.

"I started to feel really pressured about that from one point. I was careful with what I said during interviews and the songs I sang. Around then, my grandfather and father had passed away then. It was when I was living the most successful days, but everything felt empty. Their funerals got me thinking much about life," she recalled.

Sunye then realized nothing could fill the emptiness in her heart anymore. After losing people in her life, she no longer felt the same whenever she was performing with the group.

Because of this, she began to feel sorry about the other members of Wonder Girls, as her state could affect them negatively. She then realized that it would be better for her to take a big break.

Sunye Says Things Would Have Been Different

Although Sunye is happy with her family and a new career, she could not help but ask whether things would have been different if she had made a dissimilar choice.

She thought people no longer wanted to see her in the group as the public blamed her for being the reason why Wonder Girls could not make a comeback. In fact, they began the process of creating a new album, but she ended up giving up her part.

Sunye still reconnected with her fans through her recent solo album, GENUINE. It presented its lead single, Glass Heart, on July 19.

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