Yoo Ah In Loses More Supporters After Ongoing Probe Detects 2 More Illegal Drugs in His System On Top of Propofol, Marijuana

Credit: KBS WORLD TV/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: KBS WORLD TV/YouTube Screenshot

Yoo Ah In’s future as an actor becomes blurrier each day the investigation into his drug use controversy continues.

The actor has been undergoing an investigation as he has been suspected of using illegal drugs since 2021. He reportedly acquired them from doctors’ offices and clinics around Seoul.

Initial reports revealed that he only used propofol, but the probe detected marijuana in his urine sample. But on top of these two drugs, the results showed two other substances.

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Yoo Ah In Tested Positive for 2 More Drugs

TV Chosun’s News 9 released more details about the investigation showing that Yoo Ah In’s hair and urine sample tested positive for two more drugs.

He initially tested positive for marijuana through his urine test. The National Forensic Service then sent the results of the actor’s hair test to the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s drug investigation unit. The second result showed that he tested positive for propofol.

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TV Chosun’s report disclosed that they also detected cocaine and ketamine in the #Alive actor’s system. As of press time, the police are checking ketamine prescription records to learn whether he also used the drug habitually.

They will reportedly call him back in for further questioning.

Yoo Ah In Loses More Supporters

Following the confirmation of the existence of two other drugs in Yoo Ah In’s system, the public expressed their disappointment and shock as the actor’s controversy gets uglier each day. Koreans also broke their silence on the actor’s controversy.

On Naver, they left several comments to express their rage and dismay over the actor’s scandal.

Among the comments read:

“He should be thankful that he didn't die. If he wasn't found this time around, he could have made the headlines 'found dead'.”
"At first, I felt bad thinking he must have had a hard time sleeping, that's why he did it (propofol) but cocaine is crossing the line.”
"This is so disappointing, he was one of my favorite actors.”

Yoo Ah In’s future in the industry remains unclear as of press time. But as the revelations regarding his drug use unfold, some of his upcoming movies already shared how the probe would affect his appearances.

Netflix’s The Match alongside Lee Byung Hoon is expected to be affected if the results return positive. Meanwhile, his other movies, Goodbye Earth and Hi.5 are yet to release a decision as they are still waiting for the investigation’s result.

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