The Glory Part 2 Shock: First 2 Episodes of Upcoming Installment Shock Press With New Sneak Peeks

Credit: NETFLIX/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: NETFLIX/YouTube Screenshot

The Glory Part 2 released its first two episodes exclusively to the press.

Korean and international press got the chance to watch episodes 1 and 2 of The Glory part 2 on Monday. But even after seeing the episodes, the spectators said that the finale of the drama remains unclear.

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The Glory Part 2 Episodes 1 and 2 Recap

Spoilers alert.

As shared by Korea JoongAng Daily, The Glory Part 2's first two episodes give no clue about how the K-drama would end.

In The Glory Part 2 episode 1 — which also serves as the drama's ninth episode — Song Hye Kyo's Moon Dong Eun asks Park Yeon Jin (Lim Ji Yeon) if she wants to compensate for her wrongdoings. But instead of giving up, the perpetrator challenges her and warns her that she will get back at her after trying to seek justice from her.

"Why do people like you ever think there could be such a thing as bringing justice?" Park Yeon Jin said. "I did nothing wrong to you. Your life was hell to begin with."

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The publication said viewers would surely feel more infuriated over Park Yeon Jin's selfishness and unapologetic gestures toward Moon Dong Eun. Per the press, the antagonist might be one of the most ruthless characters yet in the K-dramas' history.

As Moon Dong Eun continues her goal to score the justice she deserves, it remains unclear who will truly win in the end.

The Glory Bullying Scenes Were Inspired by Real-Life Incidents

Ahead of The Glory Part 2 release, talks about whether the show is based on a true story or not emerged.

It turns out that the bullying scenes in the hit Kdrama series happened almost two decades ago in South Korea.

Newsis reported the May 2006 student, during which a group of ninth-grade students at a middle school in Cheong Ju used a student and extorted money from her for a month. They beat her with a baseball bat, kicked, and hit her.

They also burned her arms using a hot curling iron — which became the most gruesome scene in The Glory.

According to the victim, the bullies burned her every couple of days to check the hair iron's temperature. Her wounds never healed in between those, she revealed.

Meanwhile, a source told JTBC that the perpetrator in the 2006 incident was sentenced afterwards, unlike in the drama.

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