Kim Hyun Joong Officially Marks Comeback With 3rd Full-Length Album My Sun

Credit: KIM HYUN JOONG OFFICIAL/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: KIM HYUN JOONG OFFICIAL/YouTube Screenshot

Kim Hyun Joong unveiled his third-full album, My Sun.

Since 2022, Kim Hyun Joong has started releasing new songs as part of his third Korean album. At that time, he said it would have three sets of four songs each.

He also released his Japanese album, Song for a Dreamer/Super fire, for the movie Violence Action.

This year, he officially came back with a new album.

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Kim Hyun Joong Drops New Album

On Monday, Kim Hyun Joong's agency, Hencia, confirmed the release of the singer-actor's third full-length album, My Sun.

The album's theme is based on Michael Collin's life. He was an American astronaut who flew around the moon in 1969. Through the album, Kim Hyun Joong puts a twist on the story by sharing emotions the astronaut felt upon his return to Earth.

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The lead track of the album, which is over six minutes, tells how important Kim Hyun Joong's fans and family are to him.

The album includes the Korean version of his 2022 Japanese single, Take Me Home. The song explores the life of a child who grows and learns about life while observing his father.

Fans can hear the album personally during his upcoming concert, My Sun, on March 4. It will be held at the Yes24 Live Hall in eastern Seoul.

Kim Hyun Joong Enjoys Life Even More

His release came months after he and his non-celebrity wife welcomed their first child together.

"As this news involves the artist's personal life, we respectfully request that you refrain from excessive interest or speculation out of consideration for his non-celebrity wife. Thank you," the agency said.

Before savoring improvements in his life, Kim Hyun Joong reached the rock bottom of his career when his ex-lover — identified as Miss Choi — alleged that he beat her for two months.

She "proved" her claims with photos of her bruises and broken ribs. But after a probe in 2020 concluded that the ex-girlfriend attempted fraud as she lied about the abuse and miscarriage.

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