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Yellowstone Season 4 Premiere Recap: Who Died On Series' Double Header Premiere?

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Fans are rejoicing as the doubleheader premiere of Paramount's Yellowstone Season 4 was dropped.

It has been a year since Yellowstone Season 3 ended, and the gap between the third and fourth installments has been a long one. Fortunately, Paramount has heard fans' woes and released back-to-back episodes of the Yellowstone Season 4.

The last episode of Yellowstone Season 3 was one of the most stressful cliffhangers. Three Daltons were in apparent danger, Yellowstone patriarch John Dalton (Kevin Costner) was shot -- his daughter Beth (Kelly Reilly) seemingly was blown into smithereens, and lastly, Kayce (Luke Grimes). The finale left us asking: who died?

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Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 1 Recap

Finally, Yellowstone Season 4 is here, and we are more than excited to talk about what happened in its first episode.

As we all know, three Duttons were in major trouble in last season's finale. We can all take a breather now because John, Kayce, and Beth are all alive.

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In the first episode, we learned that John Dutton gets choppered to the nearest hospital via Rip's orders. Kayce, who seemed to have been shot at, threw a grenade at his attackers then pursued them. Beth, who we thought would not survive the bomb blast, came out of her office unscathed.

Meanwhile, a lot was also happening back on the ranch. Monica had an assailant beat the crap out of her when Tate suddenly comes along and shoots the assailant.

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On the stables, we also found Laramie bawling her eyes out as a gunman sent fear through her body. Mia then finds Jimmy, who looks like he is dead, and could not help but cry.

Soon afterward, we are shown an intense shootout between the bad guys and Kayce and the Livestock Commission deputies. This time though, Kayce finds out he got shot and dramatically collapses.

We also get a flashback during the first episode, showing a Dutton ancestor paying his respects to the Native Americans and letting them bury one of their own in the Dutton land. Then, it changes to the far future where we see John Dutton growing old and looking like he will be more than okay.

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Fast forward to John getting out of the hospital and catching a glimpse of Jimmy undergoing PT. Beth, who was there with John, explained that they had a long list of things to discuss. Upon John's arrival at the ranch, he immediately fires his nurse and removes his IV, and he sees Kayce walking across the lawn alive and well.

Beth, Kayce, and John then agree that they need to find the perpetrator behind the attempted assassination of the Duttons. Beth believes it Jamie and confronts him, while Rip believes it Roarke's doing. Rip took it in his hand to eradicate Roarke.

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Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 2 Recap

In the back-to-back premiere of Yellowstone Season 4 on Episode 2, the Duttons are faced with a great question. Both John and Kayce Dutton are putting their heads together to find out who put the target marks on their head. Kayce does not believe that Jaime would be able to order a hit on his own family.

After almost dying, John, who had an epiphany, put it upon himself to create a legacy, thus buying Travis's very expensive horses. He also decided to boot Jimmy from the ranch after he got discharged from the hospital. YOU MIGHT

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At the end of Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 2, John leaves somewhere but reveals no specific place. Whether he comes back or not is the next big mystery.

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