World's End Harem Ending Explained

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World's End Harem Ending Explained: Reito finally sees the only girl he has ever loved
Credit: Studio Gokumi

Another anime title has ended, leaving the question of whether there will be another season for the show. As World’s End Harem hit it with the finale on episode 11, here is the World's End Harem ending explained.

Warning! This article contains spoilers for World’s End Harem! Read at your own risk!

World's End Harem Ending Explained

World's End Harem Ending Explained: Reito and Elisa finally reunite
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Credit: Studio Gokumi

World’s End Harem episode 11, Escape, starts with a flashback that Karen did a procedure on Shōta so he would look older and his eyesight be improved so he would not need to wear glasses anymore. At present time, Chloe introduces herself and has with her the girls of Shōta and even having a brief reunion between Maria and her younger sister, Chifuyu.

Reito and Mira meet together and he urged her to make an escape with them, however, her only condition is that they mate, one which Reito strongly disagreed to. Ms. Pope made an arrest against them and Akane and Sui tells them that they would be brought to America, but Rea and Maria were there to the rescue to knock her out and they make their escape to Mahiru’s place.

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As for Shōta and Karen, they made Chloe agree to a deal with her so that Shōta can continue to mate with other girls and Karen could be the new ruler of Japan. Reito and his group jumped on a ship of Izanami and they proceeded to Taiwan, however, Mira and Rea made a sacrifice to stay behind and get arrested so the others could go on without being followed.

Chloe stripped-down Ms. Pope and she was whipped because she failed hard in her quest of wiping out the world of men. Shōta continues to sleep with his girls and then he sees Rena Kitayama in prison and he vowed to make her his next woman.

The show ended with the ship landing and there, Elisa is waiting for Reito. Finally, they become reunited.

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With the finale closing in as abrupt as that, it could be hinted that there is more to the story that is still kept in shadows. If there would be another season, they could delve into the problem of how they would all fight against the governments that are involved in the MK virus. Now that Reito and Elisa are together, they could also start exploring their relationship once more.


The finale of World’s End Harem is now streaming on Crunchyroll.

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