World-Renowned Composer Ryuichi Sakamoto Makes Major Revelation About BTS’s Suga

Credit: BANGTANTV/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: BANGTANTV/YouTube Screenshot

BTS’s Suga met the world-renowned Japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto, and the latter made one major revelation about the South Korean star.

Suga is recently rubbing elbows with famous and veteran artists in the industry. Aside from Sakamoto, he also bonded with the legendary host and comedian Shin Dong Yup on Suchwita.

Suga Meets Ryuichi Sakamoto

Sakamoto shared a story about his meeting with the young idol in the final installment of How Many Full Moons Will I See in the Future, an essay published in the Japanese literary magazine, Shincho.

The composer has published a series of essays in Shincho since June 2022, and his latest issue came out on January 7.

There he discussed what he felt after meeting Suga.

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The two met in September last year when the South Korean rapper visited Tokyo. Though they only briefly met, the record producer said they exchanged musical views beyond “nationality, age, and generation.”

"[SUGA] thinks so much about music that one could think he has no other hobbies," Sakamoto said, per AllKpop.

Suga Reveals Why Other Peers are Probably Intimidated with BTS

Suga hosted the second episode of Suchwita with Dong Yup, and the two bonded over music and shared the challenges they had to face in their respective careers.

The comedian is no stranger to BTS after holding several interviews with the septet.

Dong Yup revealed a lot of the group’s peers and other bands were intimated to approach the global phenomenon, and Suga believed it had something to do with their fame and stature.

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He then admitted it was a sad feeling as they had never seen themselves as “uncomfortable” or “unapproachable.”

Dong Yup sympathized with the group, saying it might also be because they didn’t do many activities outside due to HYBE’s strict policies. Hence, their peer had “pre-conceived” thoughts about them.

They were often seen as arrogant or self-absorbed due to their fame, but it’s far different from who they really are.

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Suga then quipped that they could freely be themselves on their reality shows, Run BTS! and In The Soop, showing their funny and carefree sides and proving they could also go naturally crazy.

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