WINNER Kim Jin Woo Savors Warm Welcome Following Military Discharge

Credit: WINNER/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: WINNER/YouTube Screenshot

WINNER Kim Jin Woo will no longer have to say goodbye to Inner Circles again as he successfully completed his mandatory duties in the military.

This year's April Fool's Day became heartbreaking to WINNER and Inner Circle since the group's member, Kim Jin Woo, cut his hair short a day before his enlistment. All members spent the whole day with him before his scheduled military schedule the following day.

Kang Seung Yoon even wished Kim Jin Woo's scheduled enlistment was a prank for April Fool's Day. However, of course, the K-pop member still temporarily left to serve the country.

After a few months, the wait had truly been worth it for WINNER and Inner Circle as he finally came back.

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Kim Jin Woo Comes Back!

Kim Jin Woo's return happened perfectly before 2022 as he officially completed his service on Friday.

He spent a year and eight months away from the stage and stardom, so the fans gifted him with heartfelt welcome back messages. Alongside their messages is the hope to see the group perform again.

The wait was worth it, though, as he endured his absence in the entertainment industry to fulfill his responsibility as a Korean. But Kim Jin Woo also made the fans faithfully wait for him since he penned a heartfelt letter before leaving the spotlight almost two years ago.

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At that time, he revealed that he would spend four weeks of basic training before officially starting his public service worker.

"To Inner Circle, who always hold us up whenever and wherever! I'll be well while I'm gone! Please take care of my dongsaengs. Let's meet again after I'm back! Stay healthy! I sincerely love you," he wrote.

Now that he is back, the fandom should start looking forward to what Song Mino recently hinted.

Will WINNER Make a Comeback Now Kim Jin Woo is Back?

Before Kim Jin Woo returned, his co-member Song Mino recently asked for fans' patience as the newly discharged member and Lee Seung Hoon are yet to join the group again.

But the rapper promised that next year, fans will finally OT4 perform again.

"Next year, I hope 2022 will be 'To INFINITY.' More than anything, I am looking forward to WINNER's full comeback in 2022, so please look forward to it," he said, as translated by AllKpop.

Details about the comeback remain unknown, but Inner Circles can expect to learn more details once Lee Seung Hoon returns.

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