Kim Hye Yoon Reflects on Her Secret Royal Inspector & Joy Character Following Series' Ending

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Kim Hye Yoon has many thoughts to share with the viewers who tuned in until the last episode of Secret Royal Inspector & Joy.

Before this year ends, director Yoo Jong Sun graced a rare comedy period series, titled Secret Royal Inspector & Joy, for tvN. The series premiered on November 8 and shared a total of 16 episodes with its fans until December 28.

Throughout its stint, the series maintained 3.236 to 5.257 percent nationwide ratings, with its episode 3 on November 15 scoring the highest point among all the other parts of the series.


Following its last episode, lead star Kim Hye Yoon freely shared her thoughts about her unusual character in the series and how she felt while filming the series.

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Kim Hye Yoon Felt Nervous While Filming Secret Royal Inspector & Joy


In a written interview with The Korea Times on Tuesday, Kim Hye Yoon shared what she thinks about her unorthodox character and the story she has with the secret royal inspector, Ra Yi-eon (Ok Taecyeon). She already played several notable roles in the past years, but it was her first time to become part of a period series.

According to the 25-year-old Korean star, she initially felt nervous since she badly wanted to show the audience a perfect portrayal of the period character. Now that the Secret Royal Inspector & Joy ended, Kim Hye Yoon reportedly wished she could have done it even better.

She explained that her character, Joy, is an independent and strong-willed woman. These traits caused her to be more interested in playing the role.

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"One of Joy's lines says, 'A no is a no, and I will speak up for the things that I need to.' And when I read that line in the script, I got the feeling that she is a very independent and cool person. So I instantly thought that I wanted to play her character," she said.

However, the character's behavior during a conservative Joseon era was not easy to portray, at least for her part. With that, she made sure that she focused on making her character more convincing.

Kim Hye Yoon Has One Goal After Portraying Character


As she successfully gave her all to breathe life to Kim Joy, Kim Hye Yoon has one wish following the series finale.

Per the actress, she wanted to leave the viewers a positive message through the character.

"Joy is such a bright and energetic person. Her high-spirited side has something in common with me, although her endless optimism might be overbearing at times. But these were the characteristics that I could learn from Joy. She was never discouraged and was always confident. So I wanted to deliver that vibrant character well to the audience, and convey a positive message," she went on.

After joining the period drama, Kim Hye Yoon is now ready to take on more different roles – and fans should look forward to seeing her in other shows soon.

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