Vinland Saga: Who Is Hild? Her Background and Purpose Explained

Who Is Hild in Vinland Saga Thorfinn

Who Is Hild in Vinland Saga Thorfinn

One of the characters that caught the attention of fans in Vinland Saga is Hild. Her bloodshot and scarred eyes make her stand out among the other characters, but just who is Hild, and what is her purpose in Vinland Saga? Is she based on an actual person? Keep on reading to find out!

Who Is Hild?

When Hild made her first appearance, a lot of Vinland Saga fans did not like her. She is introverted, cold, and sometimes rude, especially toward Thorfinn. All in all, her personality was far from likable.

But as the story progresses, fans learn more about Hild. She lost her family at a young age and planned to take revenge against Thorfinn, who was responsible for her father’s death.

Her personality made sense, and fans started to sympathize with her. Her past also intrigued viewers, making them want to follow her journey in the adventure anime.

Who Is Hild in Vinland Saga Thorfinn
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Hild changes after she meets Karli, as she becomes someone the kids trust, like a teacher.

Her other skills were revealed, too, like her craftsmanship. She can instantly understand a weapon's mechanism just by looking at it. She also has a knack for inventing items that people can use.

Hild is kind and talented, but her past made her a cold-hearted warrior. But will she overcome this? And will she ever forgive those who killed her father?

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Is Hild Based on an Actual Person?

Is Hild Based on an Actual Person Hild
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Credit: Makoto Yukimura / Kodansha / Weekly Shōnen Magazine / Monthly Afternoon

Vinland Saga is a historical anime, which means most of the characters are based on real people. This is why many viewers are curious to know if Hild is also inspired by an actual historical person. However, Hild is a fictional character.

Even if her personality and background somewhat match other historical people, in truth, she is an original character made by Makoto Yukimura, the series' creator.

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What Is Hild's Purpose?

What Is Hild's Purpose Hild
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Credit: Makoto Yukimura / Kodansha / Weekly Shōnen Magazine / Monthly Afternoon

Hild's initial goal was to take vengeance on the band that slaughtered her family. This is because Hild used to live happily in her village with her family until Askeladd’s band attacked their town. From then on, her life was turned upside down, and she became a hunter instead.

Hild nearly achieved her goal after she attempted to kill Thorfinn after they met a few years later.

However, she failed to go through with her plan after she learned about his purpose, which was to create a peaceful society.

His ideals intrigued her, prompting her to join him and his team instead.

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