Will Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Lose Titles After Frogmore Cottage Eviction, King Charles’ Planned Slim Down Monarchy?

Credit: MsMojo/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: MsMojo/YouTube Screenshot

Prince Harry may reportedly lose another royal role after King Charles III reportedly decided to evict him and Meghan Markle from their Frogmore Cottage. Rumors have it that they may also lose their official titles if they continue to profit from making allegations against the royal family.

King Charles is reportedly getting strict toward the non-working royals, which may affect the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Aside from that, being evicted from Frogmore Cottage may also have serious implications for Prince Harry.

Prince Harry May Lose Counsellor of State Title

A leading constitutional expert claimed the trouble price might lose his counselor of a state title.

This move may upset the Sussexes, considering they see this royal property as the only place they're highly protected in Britain. So, if they ever return to the country, their safety is maybe put in jeopardy.

This may also result in Prince Harry being stripped of his title as one who can represent the king in his absence, seeing he will soon lose a home in the U.K.

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"If he is no longer domiciled in the UK, then Prince Harry could lose his 'status' [for want of a better word] as a counselor of state," Dr. Craig Prescott of Bangor University told Yahoo News UK.

"Prince Harry's domicile of origin is British, and generally it is very difficult as a matter of UK law to replace domicile of origin with a domicile of choice. In this case, it would be the United States. To do this, he has show a genuine commitment to remain in the US, at least indefinitely or permanently, and have no intention for his main home to be anywhere else," he continued. "If Prince Harry loses his lease of Frogmore House, then it's easier for this argument to be made."

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle's Titles Reportedly in Danger

Daily Mail reported that all royal family members were told to "tighten their belts and expect less money from the Duchy of Lancaster, which King Charles now owned.

"Aware of public opinion, the King is said to be keen to reduce expenditure and 'slim down' the monarchy. Although the Duchy funds are private, he has ordered a major review of how it is spent," the report read.

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This may affect Prince Harry and Meghan, as Daniel Elser wrote in New Zealand Herald that the monarch might use a "tougher approach" and "strong-arm" them into no longer using their titles.

If the couple continues to use their titles to profit from criticizing the Form, His Majesty may be forced to make a bold move.

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"With Charles reportedly poised to trim Andrew's sails and crack down on his royal perks, this could represent quite the ill wind for Harry and Meghan right at a point in time when their US careers would seem to be at something of a crossroads," she explained.

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