Will Marvel Studios' Nova Be a Movie or a Series?

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Moon Knight has not come out yet but its scribe, Sabir Pirzada, is already working on his next project as he scores writing for Nova in Marvel Studios. As he pens a new character, many are intrigued by another newcomer in the franchise, when will it come out, will it be on Disney Plus, and whether it would be a movie or a series?

Will Marvel Studios' Nova Be a Movie or a Series?

Will Marvel Studios' Nova Be a Movie or a Series?
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Credit: Marvel.com
Will Marvel Studios' Nova Be a Movie or a Series?

In a report from Deadline, it has been confirmed that Nova will be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe anytime soon and the writer of Moon Knight, Sabir Pirdaza, will be the one to pen the arrival of Richard Rider. However, it remains unknown whether Nova will be a feature film or a limited series, what is sure is that it would be for Disney Plus.


Considering the circumstances, given that it is for Disney Plus, Nova is highly likely to be a limited series rather than a feature film because, let’s face it, when did Marvel ever release a movie solely on the streaming service? It released Black Widow on Disney Plus but it happened at the same time the film arrived in theaters. Other movies didn’t arrive on the platform until months after its release.

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Richard Rider was randomly chosen by Xandarian Rhomann Dey on his deathbed to get his Nova Corps powers and as a teenager, he gets in the middle of being a superhero at a young age. Nova made his Marvel debut in 1976 on Super Adventures. He battled with the Skrulls which are already introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Captain Marvel and they’ll have a limited series with Nick Fury on Secret Invasion.

Looking at the timeline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the earliest possible release of Nova is possibly some time in 2024 or later considering that the 2023 schedules are currently packed with projects.

Moon Knight, written by Sabir Pirzada, will be out on Disney Plus on March 30, 2022.