Komi Can't Communicate Season 1 Ending Explained

Many fans have been following Komi Can’t Communicate since day one and now that Season 1 has ended, the story isn’t just stopping there as it has been confirmed that season 2 is already in the works. Here is what happened in the ending of the first run of the anime series and everyone is just as excited given that there is more to come soon.

Warning! This article contains spoilers for Komi Can't Communicate! Read at your own risk!

Komi Can't Communicate Season 1 Ending Explained
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Komi Can't Communicate Season 1 Ending Explained

In Komi Can’t Communicate Episode 12, the finale of the first season, titled It’s Just the Cultural Festival/ The After Party, the cultural festival started and both Najimi and Komi are in their maid uniforms as they chose the maid café. Komi’s mother and her brother also visited the school. A new character arrives with Otori. It turns out Najimi gets a bigger crown because she gives discount tickets and they got an hour of a line.

Komi still has fear on facing huge crowds and when they see her, everyone is waiting for her to speak up. She lets out a few sounds and everyone is calling her voice that of God’s. They made history in the cultural festival and Komi said she only enjoyed it a little. Tadano has been praised for knowing what is right and wrong and a lot of interesting stuff happened.

Komi is really scared of a crowd but she tried to do karaoke in front of her friends. She couldn’t handle it and Tadano continues the song for her as she trembles on the side. Tadano sings his heart out, embarrassed, and Komi appreciates what he has done for her.

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It has already been confirmed that Season 2 of Komi Can’t Communicate is already in the works and everyone just couldn’t get more excited about what the show has to offer now that they introduced another character in the list. However, there is no release window yet for Season 2 of Komi Can’t Communicate and many fans are looking forward whether it would be out in 2022 or 2023.

Komi Can’t Communicate is on Netflix with an English Dub of the series.

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