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Will Eren Turn Good Again in Attack on Titan?

Anime fans who watched Season 4 of Attack on Titan were surprised at how things suddenly turned out. The season started with a jump to when Eren and his friends infiltrated Marley. He disguised himself as a wounded soldier and used Falco to help him get Reiner.

A lot of fans noticed that other than Eren's change in look (with his abs and long hair), something did change in him. Eren talked to Reiner and explained to the latter that he understood Marlyeans believed that the island-dwellers were evil demons, and they thought what they were doing was right. It might seem like a friendly talk until Eren transformed, killing innocent civilians in the process.

With this sudden turn of events, fans are wondering if Eren will turn good again in the series. Let's find out!


Will Eren Turn Good Again in Attack on Titan?

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Throughout the whole series, Eren Yeager yearned to have freedom. His perspective on life changed when the titans attacked Shiganshina District. He saw his mom get eaten by a titan. Since then, he swore he will wipe out titans from existence.

After finding out the truth about the Marlyeans and the world outside Paradis Island, Eren made a turn from hero to villain. He decided to work with his brother, Zeke Yeager. The two of them overthrew the military and murdered the military leader, Dhalis Zachary. But the truth is, Eren just wanted to manipulate the Founding Titan.


As mentioned earlier, he attacked the mainland of Marley and killed innocent people, which was pretty much the same as what he witnessed when he was a kid. Fans believe Eren changed even before knowing the truth after he kissed the hand of Queen Historia during Season 3's medal ceremony. After making contact with royal blood, Eren saw something from the past, present, and future that made him realize that the only way to achieve freedom is by destroying Marley.

Sad to say, Eren won't be good until the end of the series because of his goals and perspectives. But he isn't a villain either. By Chapter 139, Eren revealed his plan to Armin. He decided that he would be the bad guy so that Armin and the rest of the team will stop him and save humanity.

True enough, Eren's plan worked. He was killed by their alliance and although 80% of humanity was killed, the titan power was gone. Some say he is an anti-hero since, despite all the bad things he did, he was doing it for the island-dwellers; he was doing it for his people.

Aside from what was mentioned earlier, what happened to Attack on Titan Chapter 139? Find out here.

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