Attack on Titan Chapter 139 Ending Explained. What Happened to Eren and Mikasa Answered.

Spoilers ahead, please do read at your own risk (Don’t blame us if you were spoiled!). Attack on Titan ends after 11 years with Chapter 139 as the last chapter. In fact, it was entitled, “Final Chapter: Toward the Tree on That Hill”.

With the manga and anime’s popularity, it is no longer a surprise that everyone has been waiting for this moment. Some fans even decided to leak some parts of the chapter, causing more questions from fans to arise. Everyone is wondering what happened to Eren, considering that his life is ticking away ever since he became a titan. Another question that fans have is, what happened to Eren and Mikasa? Will their fans get the ending they hoped for the lead characters?

Attack on Titan Chapter 139 Ending Explained

Attack on Titan Chapter 139 Ending Explained. What Happened to Eren and Mikasa Answered. 1
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Hold on tight because what happens in the final chapter might surprise you. Levi, Armin, Mikasa, and the remaining warriors continued to fight Eren and the shining centipede. Mikasa was able to decapitate Eren thanks to Levi’s assistance. With this, it is confirmed that Eren is gone. Mikasa and Armin mourn over the loss of Eren.

Before that, Eren explains to Armin why he decided to eliminate 80% of humanity through The Rumbling. He also confessed that the only way to stop the power of the Titans is to help Ymir be released from the agony of love. Eren also said that it was not him but Mikasa. This explains why Ymir smiled when Mikasa chose to kill Eren in Chapter 138.

The conversation was erased from Armin’s memories, and he recovered it after Eren dies. After Mikasa kills Eren, all Titans became dust and those who were transformed became humans. But even if the Titans are gone, the Islanders are still afraid of the rest of the world. With the help of Armin and Historia, they plan to tell the world about their story and hope that they will get the peace they deserve.

What Happened to Eren and Mikasa Answered

Attack on Titan Chapter 139 Ending Explained. What Happened to Eren and Mikasa Answered. 2
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The final pages of the manga fast forwards to three years wherein Mikasa is seen sitting beside Eren’s gravesite under the tree on Paradis Island. She tells him that their friends will visit him soon and even adds that she wants to see him soon.

Suddenly, her scarf slips from her neck, and a bird ties it around her. She smiles as the bird flies away and says, “Thank you for wrapping this scarf around me, Eren." The bird then flies past Armin and their friends.

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