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Digital vs Physical Manga: Which One is Better to Collect?

It used to be that manga fans only had one option if they wanted to read their preferred story: they had to buy manga from the bookstore. This type of medium is the physical manga. As time goes by, digital manga was introduced, and now manga fans are divided on whether they should get physical or digital manga.

As the name suggests, digital manga is the type of manga that readers can read using their mobile phones, laptops, or other gadgets. Physical manga, on the other hand, is the manga that is printed and most of time has a soft or hardcover. Between the two, which medium is better to use? Find out by reading through this article.

Digital vs Physical Manga: Which One is Better to Collect?

Digital vs Physical Manga: Which One is Better to Collect 1
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Whether the reader buys the physical manga or digital manga actually depends on their preference. Both mediums have pros and cons which we will discuss further to help those who can’t seem to decide which type to collect.

The advantage of reading digital manga is that readers can read anytime and anywhere they want to. It doesn’t require light as the gadget they are using, whether it is an iPad or phone, already has enough light to help them read. It also saves space since the manga is just inside their gadgets.

Another perk of having physical manga is that they don’t have to wait for the manga to be published before you can read it. Once it is uploaded online, they can just read it easily. Those who prefer this medium can also zoom the text if it is too small for them.

Meanwhile, if the reader prefers the physical manga, they can flip the pages and will not need the internet to read their favorite story. Authors can give extra chapters or snippets that only physical manga can have, unless of course, someone decides to scan it and post it online. Some people also prefer seeing the physical manga on their shelves.

Both mediums have disadvantages as well. Physical manga may have poor print or paper quality. It might also get lost, burnt, or soaked. Some also believe that physical manga are more expensive. Digital manga can have issues as well like if the technology had problems and eventually lose all their reading progress. Other instances are that the file can get corrupted or glitched.

By the end of the day, it is still the reader’s call. They should just be aware of the advantage and disadvantages of both mediums. 

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