Will All Might Die in My Hero Academia Explained

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Also known as Toshinori Yaga, All Might was Japan’s no. 1 hero before he retired. The Symbol of Peace is now a teacher at U.A High School where he teaches Foundational Hero Studies. He was the eighth holder of One for All, and he decided to pass it to Izuku Midoriya. His era as the world’s greatest hero ended when he used up all of One for All’s embers to defeat All for One.

A lot of fans have been wondering if All Might will die in the series considering that his death has been mentioned quite a lot of times throughout the series. Fans are aware of how badly he has been injured and after the battle with All for One, he is obviously in a crippled state. In addition, Nighteye has seen that in the near future, All Might could die in the hands of the villain.

Will All Might Die in My Hero Academia Explained

Will All Might Die in My Hero Academia Explained
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As of this writing, All Might is still alive in the manga and anime. Although there were a lot of moments when fans might get the idea that “this is it, All Might’s going to die”, Kohei Horikoshi, creator of My Hero Academia continued to prove his fans wrong.

The most recent incident happened when All Might’s car exploded. He was in his car when he noticed that Deku’s GPS signal became silent. He was about to do something when the explosion happened, giving fans an impression that the sniper, named Lady Nagant, didn’t want All Might to join their battle.

There has been noise whether the Symbol of Peace died or not. Some believe that he might even fake his death while some were confident that he would survive the explosion considering that Hawks, Endeavor, and Jeanist are behind him. Plus, it would be weird to get rid of All Might that easily.

In Chapter 313, it was revealed that All Might is still alive. The focus of the manga now is Lady Nagant, a mysterious antagonist who seemed to be after Deku. Fans can anticipate what happens in Chapter 315 after it is released on June 6. Get the latest updates on My Hero Academia here

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