Why is Loki Obsessed with the Tesseract?

Loki hands over the Tesseract to Thanos
Credit: Marvel Studios

Loki hands over the Tesseract to Thanos
Credit: Marvel Studios

Every MCU diehard, specifically those who love Loki the best as their favorite Marvel character, knows how obsessed the God of Mischief is with obtaining the Tesseract and using it for his own personal gain.

We’ve barely seen him in the MCU timeline without it. In fact, it was the very artifact that led to his sudden death in Avengers: Infinity War.

So, the question is, why is Loki obsessed with the Tesseract? What did it do for him? What did he need it for?

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What Does the Tesseract Do? What Is It For?

The Tesseract being examined in The Avengers movie
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Credit: Marvel Studios

You’ve heard of the six Infinity Stones, right? Well, the Tesseract happens to be one of them, and probably the most prominent stone that’s been used and passed through in the entirety of the MCU timeline.

It was originally kept in Odin’s vault for safekeeping before coming to Earth. Eventually, it was left in Tønsberg aka the new Asgard where the Tesseract was guarded by Asgardian worshippers.

Loki sees the Tesseract in Odin's vault
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Credit: Marvel Studios

The blue cube is also called the Space Stone for a reason. Similar to how the other Infinity Stones hold their own powers in controlling the universe, the Tesseract grants the user to manipulate the fabric of space and teleport anywhere they wish to transport to — in short, interdimensional traveling.

What makes the Space Stone the most powerful yet terrifying among the six Infinity Stones is its unlimited power, thanks to drawing its cosmic energy from space.

The Tesseract had been used to power up multiple artifacts to incredible scales, including the Bifrost Bridge, Mar-Vell’s Light-Speed engine in Captain Marvel, and even granted Carol Danvers her Captain Marvel powers.

Heck, it even let Loki manipulate Hawkeye into being in command of his army in The Avengers movie. No wonder Loki’s been after the Space Stone in most of his appearances.

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Why Is Loki Always After the Tesseract?

Loki escapes with Tesseract in Avengers: Endgame
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Credit: Marvel Studios

If you had the chance to pick just one stone from the Infinity stones, choosing the Tesseract would be your safest bet. In Loki’s case, however, his need for a ‘greater purpose’ served well on his journey in keeping the blue cube in his hands.

As a misunderstood misfit, he believes his greater purpose is to either rule Asgard or make his own kingdom along with the Bifrost.

To make sense of it all, the God of Mischief wants to build a new Bifrost where it could become the ‘new’ Asgard, as well.

Loki wields the Tesseract in his scepter
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Credit: Marvel Studios

But considering how it would be nearly impossible with Thor guarding the place, Loki opted for a smaller option and that is to conquer the human race as their new king with the help of the Chitauri race.

There had been fan theories indicating that the Tesseract is sentient and that it intentionally keeps choosing Loki considering that it’s the best chance the Space Stone has in continuing to exist, even if it meant leaving the main MCU timeline.

Take what happened in the Loki series, for example, when Loki escaped from the Avengers, leading him to get taken in by the Time Variance Authority, thus the Tesseract can keep on existing in a branched-out timeline.

Though this hasn’t taken effect canonically yet in the MCU timeline, Marvel should have some answers in their upcoming movies or series.

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Where Is the Tesseract Now?

The Infinity Stones are useless in the Loki series
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Credit: Marvel Studios

After Thanos had used the six Infinity Stones to get rid of half of the universe’s population, the stones were destroyed, leading the Avengers to travel back in time and put the stones in their original places.

However, instead of the Tesseract falling safely in the suitcase, Loki grabbed ahold of it and escaped to a different timeline, which led us to the events of the Loki series.

As Loki’s been arrested, the Tesseract lost its glow in the hands of the TVA. And even when he managed to grab ahold of it from Casey’s desk, it was baffling to find out that the Infinity Stones didn’t even work in the TVA.

As it turned out, the stones’ powers could only work in a reality where it existed, and since Loki was trapped in the TVA, they were pretty much used for paperweights, instead.

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