Why ITZY Chaeryeong Is Not On Instagram Explained

Credit: JYP Entertainment/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: JYP Entertainment/YouTube Screenshot

It is not very usual for K-pop idols to have their official personal Instagram accounts. ITZY Chaeryeong and the rest of her co-members are only some examples of it, as only a few K-pop stars are on the platform officially.

But, there is reportedly a reason why this is the norm in the K-pop scene. Some netizens shared their thoughts on the matter in the online forum, Quora.

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Why ITZY Chaeryeong Is Not On The Platform

In an old thread on the platform, some individuals emphasized that the members of ITZY do not have personal social media accounts, including Instagram.

One claimed that artists under JYP Entertainment, which is the group’s agency, do not usually launch personal accounts on social media platforms. The idols, instead, share one official feed for their respective act’s activities and engagements.

The same commenter noted, though, that this does not seem to apply to the agency’s solo artists.

Another netizen, meanwhile, stated that most South Korean entertainment agencies do not allow members of K-pop groups to have personal accounts on media platforms. As added, this is especially applicable for rookies.

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A Fan-Made Account For Chaeryeong

While Chaeryeong and her co-members do not have official personal accounts on Instagram and other social media platforms, avid fans and followers launched “fanstagrams” for the Not Shy singers.

For the group’s main dancer, the most followed fan-made account carries the handle, “chaeryeongs.itzy.” It houses over 1,400 posts and has amassed more than 364,000 followers.

The account remains active as the latest post appears to have emerged about a week ago. The update features two solo photos of the ITZY member, and it comes with the caption, "absolutely glowing."

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ITZY's Official Instagram Account

Meanwhile, the official Instagram account of ITZY carries the handle, “itzy.all.in.us.” It now has over 2,420 posts and more than 17.6 million followers.

Chaeryeong shares the feed with her four co-members, and they have been using the account since they debuted in 2019.

Watch this space for more ITZY Chaeryeong news.

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