TWICE Jihyo Opened Up About Group's Biggest Problem In Dorm

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TWICE Jihyo and Mina previously participated as intern designers for Where Is My Home?, a variety show on MBC.

During the engagement, which aired amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the two K-pop idols talked about their shared dorm and other things related to homes and properties.


Allkpop said that, at one point, the group leader opened up about the “hardest part” of nine members living together under one roof.

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The Group's "Biggest Problem" In Their Shared Dorm

Jihyo initially noted that she and the rest of the group have been sharing one apartment for six years.

The public would recall that TWICE debuted as an official K-pop group under JYP Entertainment in 2015.

The group leader revealed that the “biggest problem” they have had over the years is the bathroom usage inside the shared dorm. She explained that the unit houses three, but “it is not enough for nine people to use.”

The K-pop idol later pointed out that “bathrooms” are the “most important thing” to consider when looking for homes. She added that they have to be “clean” after talking about her father, whom she said to be working in design.


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TWICE Jihyo And Her Roommates

It is unclear whether the members of TWICE still live in one apartment. But, fans and followers continue to assume that they are, considering that the group remains active to this day.

As for the room arrangements, one netizen recently shared in a thread on Quora that Jihyo shares a room with Mina and Jeongyeon.


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The respondent claimed that the room assignments of the nine idols are already different from the ones they initially had following their debut.

As stated, the Alcohol-Free singers changed roommates “a while ago,” arguing, however, that “nobody knows if it is still the same” today.

Other commentators, meanwhile, claimed that the TWICE leader is roommates with Mina, Sana, and Nayeon. But, no confirmations have emerged regarding the matter.

Watch this space for more TWICE Jihyo news.

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