Kep1er Mashiro Deemed Most Photogenic In The Group

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Kep1er Mashiro debuted as one of the Japanese members of the group. She and her groupmates officially entered the world of K-pop earlier in January.

In the weeks that followed, the nine-member act did several promotional activities, including interviews, allowing the public to get to know more about them.


During an engagement with Seventeen, the WA DA DA singers discussed a few topics about themselves and their co-members. They answered some personal questions for the outlet’s “Besties on Besties” segment.

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Kep1er Mashiro As The "Most Photogenic" Among Members

One of the questions to the rookie idols was about which of the nine members is the “most photogenic.” Several of them quickly pointed at Mashiro, with the rest following suit in agreement to the response.


Although the Kep1er members did not elaborate further on the matter, they stated that their Japanese groupmate “really looks pretty on screen.” One of them even asserted that she was “amazed” by it.

Another member argued, however, that the former JYP trainee is just as pretty in person, seemingly clarifying that she looks good on and off camera.

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Netizens On Idol's "Best Feature"

Around the same period the interview surfaced, netizens discussed the Kep1er members’ “best features” on a Reddit thread.


The original poster asked other fans and followers about their thoughts on the matter. Most commentators appeared to have centered their responses on the Up! singers’ physical appearances, especially facial features.

For Mashiro, almost all respondents said her best feature is her dimples. Some even placed emphasis on it, seemingly pointing out how great her dimples are.

Others, meanwhile, shared that her mouth, nose, and eyes stand out, as well, much like her “sweet” and “quiet” character.

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Mashiro's Current Activities

Mashiro and the rest of the group just had their official comeback in June. They dropped their mini-album, DOUBLAST, alongside the music video for Up!, which is the material’s title track.

A month later, Kep1er announced that they would debut in Japan this September.

Watch this space for more Kep1er Mashiro news.


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