Why Is the Sanctum Sanctorum Frozen in Ice and Snow in Spider-Man 3: No Way Home Trailer?

Credit: Marvel Studios

Credit: Marvel Studios

Spider-Man 3: Now Way Home trailer made sure it is more than worth the wait with the tons of revelations that came with it. As expected, Doctor Strange is making an appearance and many have been wondering whether he is doing fine or just found some inspiration to be the Elsa of the MCU as the Sanctum Sanctorum was shown to be frozen in ice and snow. Why is that?

Why Is the Sanctum Sanctorum Frozen in Ice and Snow in Spider-Man 3: No Way Home Trailer?

One of the lingering questions following the release of the Spider-Man 3: Now Way Home trailer is not only how big would the involvement of Doctor Strange would have in the upcoming film of everyone's favorite web-slinger but what made fans really curious upon the release of the trailer is what is really happening with the Sorcerer Supreme as he seems to have redecorated the Sanctum Sanctorum in ice and snow.

Memes easily came out that maybe Strange was inspired by Elsa from Frozen and had to redecorate the Sanctum Sanctorum with ice and snow, or maybe he missed a lot of winter seasons from the time he was blipped and just wanting to experience all the cold that he didn't get to experience all those years, probably some catching up with the season. Still, we all want an explanation as to what happened there.

The New York Sanctorum has been the base of Doctor Strange ever since and while it already faced a lot from the last time it appeared on in Infinity War when Hulk fell out of the sky and landed there, this is the first time we'll be seeing the place again after what happened. It makes people curious why it is under ice and snow, could it be Stephen hiding something sinister?

Throughout the trailer, Doctor Strange has been living up to his namesake acting all strange and ominous. He even disobeyed the warning of Wong not to conjure the spell for Peter when he asked that the world forget the reveal of his identity as Spider-Man. He made sure that the spell would go through, even warning Peter not to tamper with it, and still, he gave him various lectures about the consequences.

Strange talked about the danger of Peter living two lives, how they tampered with space-time, and he even warned him to be careful what he wishes for. Really, what is happening with Strange?

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Many are theorizing that the frozen Sanctorum has something to do with Strange dealing with the aftermath of Endgame but it points out to something sinister as if Strange is in some kind of villainous stint or something is definitely wrong with him. As Ancient One has described him, he is the best among them, and even when he knows how dangerous the request of Peter would be, he let it pass, he must have a good reason to do so.

Hopefully, he just wants to re-experience all the winter seasons he missed when he was blipped, or it's just a playful redecoration. Find out what Strange is up in Spider-Man 3: No Way Home exclusively in theaters on December 17, 2021.

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