7 Biggest Reveals in the Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer

The brand-new trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home came swinging onto the world wide web yesterday, unleashing an explosive montage of footage while lifting the lid on some highly-anticipated theories that fans have been weaving over the past year.

The film marks the MCU version of Spidey's third solo outing, and his sixth in total, having also appeared in Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War, and Avengers: Endgame. Now, it looks like he'll be (sort of) teaming up with Doctor Strange to tackle the threats of the Multiverse.

So, let's ‘untangle' the trailer and take a look at some of the biggest reveals…

1. Spider-Man's identity has been revealed

Spider-Man: No Way Home
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The trailer sees the return of Tom Holland's Peter Parker, and picks up where things were left in Far From Home's mid-credits scene, in which he's outed as Spider-Man by none other than J.K. Simmons' J. Jonah Jameson, owing thanks to manipulative illusionist Mysterio.

Now, Peter is being investigated for Mysterio's death, while also struggling with the fact that the entire world knows his real identity, which is causing problems for his relationship with everyone he cares about, including MJ.

And this appears to be the catalyst behind the entire movie – Peter doesn't want everyone to know that he's Spider-Man, even if his best friend, girlfriend and aunt already know. Even in death, Mysterio continues to torment Peter, while J. Jonah Jameson is clearly relishing in the fact that he's the one who exposed Parker in the first place, and is no doubt selling lots of papers because of it.

2. J.K. Simmons is back

Spider-Man: No Way Home
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Speak of the cigar-smoking devil – yes, J.K. Simmons is reprising his role as the chief of the Daily Bugle, for the fourth time since 2002's Spider-Man (or five if you include his cameo in Spider-Man: Far From Home).

Fans have been dying for the actor to make a comeback as the abrasive, grouchy, Spider-Man hating character, but had to make do without him in The Amazing Spider-Man movies. But now, prayers have been answered, as it looks like Jameson will be getting more screentime this time around.

As for whether he'll feature a great deal remains to be seen, but with the Multiverse ope,n it's likely we'll be seeing, at the very least, two versions of J.K. Simmon's version of the character. In the new trailer, he can be heard beaming, "That's right, folks – Spider-Man is, in fact, Peter Parker!" Classic Jameson.

3. Doctor Strange will help Peter

Spider-Man: No Way Home
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In the trailer, Peter visits Doctor Strange, telling him that his life has been "screwed over" by Mysterio, and asks Strange to "make it so that he never did". Strange indulges Peter, seemingly without much resistance, and weaves a web – of portals, that is. But naturally, things go awry.

"The entire world is about to forget that Peter Parker is Spider-Man," Strange says before something seems to go very wrong with the spell. He then warns Peter, saying, "We tampered with the stability of space-time. The Multiverse is a concept of which we know frighteningly little."

Exactly what happens is unknown, but in laments terms, Spider-Man: No Way Home will clearly deal with the Multiverse in question – other realities. "The problem is you trying to live two different lives," Strange tells Parker. "The longer you do it, the more dangerous it becomes."

4. There will be ‘Strange' action sequences

Spider-Man: No Way Home
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Though Spider-Man: No Way Home will deal with the Multiverse, it looks like we'll also be getting a fair amount of Doctor Strange-esque sequences too, which is no surprise considering the upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

We're treated to a couple of very ‘strange' and mind-bending sequences in the new trailer, one aboard a train, in which Doctor Strange seems to ‘fold' the train in on itself and breaking it off into a series of twisting, gravity-defying tracks, all the while Spider-Man is riding on top, and the second being a skyline shot of Manhattan ‘sinking' in on itself.

Given the nature of the plot, it's likely that Doctor Strange will play a significant role in the film, as we also see him ‘pushing' a non-corporeal version of Peter Parker out of his corporeal Spider-Man form. We also get to see a lot of skyscrapers doing very Inception-like things, which, quite, frankly is too weird and mind-bending for words to describe.

5. The Multiverse will open

Spider-Man: No Way Home
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As you may have already guessed from the trailer alone, it looks like the Multiverse will definitely be ‘opening' in the upcoming film. The classic story from Marvel Comics was also used in the animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, and it's something fans have been salivating for ever since Avengers: Endgame.

Of course, the Multiverse was previously teased in Far From Home, when Mysterio told Peter he was from there (a lie, of course), and also when the mid-credits scene gave us back J.K. Simmon's J. Jonah Jameson, famously known from Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy.

However, it's unknown whether this character is from the Multiverse – it's unlikely, considering the only reason the Multiverse opens is that Peter asks Doctor Strange to help him, as a result of being outed by Jameson in the first place.

6. Doctor Octopus is back

Spider-Man: No Way Home
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When a large robotic tentacle land smashes down onto the road, it's pretty obvious which villain we're about to meet, but to anyone who hasn't been following all the updates and rumors for the new movie, then it's more than likely Alfred Molina comes as a huge surprise.

The actor portrayed the villain in 2004's Spider-Man 2 and hasn't been seen in any other movie since. While his character dies at the end of that movie, it looks like we'll still be meeting that version of him nonetheless, likely because the new film will reunite us with him before his death.

But this will also mean that his fate will be altered – as will the fate of many that orbit Peter Parker (of which there's also more than one version). Either way, we're thrilled to be seeing Alfred Molina step back into the boots of this iconic villain.

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7. The Green Goblin's laugh can be heard

Spider-Man: No Way Home
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Alfred Molina isn't the only original villain from Sam Raimi's trilogy returning for Spider-Man: No Way Home. While we don't quite get to see him in the trailer, we can hear Willem Dafoe's brilliantly maniacal laugh, made famous when he played Green Goblin in 2002's Spider-Man.

Dafoe's portrayal of Norman Osborn was a sinister one – no pun intended – and his turn as the Green Goblin was, while cheesy at times, hugely entertaining, and gave us some of the best villainous one-liners of the original films.

As for whether he'll be heading up the inevitable team of villains in the new film remains to be seen, but we're just glad to be seeing Dafoe donning the flight suit and stepping back on the glider once again.

Exactly what the Multiverse will mean for the rest of the MCU remains to be seen, but it's something that was already teased in WandaVision and will likely be explored further in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Spider-Man: No Way Home stars Tom Holland, Zendaya, Jacob Batalon, Marisa Tomei, Benedict Cumberpatch, Jon Favreau, and Benedict Wong, and is set for release on December 17, 2021

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