Chainsaw Man: Does Denji Ever Touch Boobs?

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Chainsaw Man: Does Denji Ever Touch Boobs Denji
Credit: MAPPA

Denji's antics and somewhat dark humor make Chainsaw Man more interesting. In fact, Aki sees Denji as a simpleton who shouldn't be taken seriously. When asked why he wants to be a Devil Hunter, Denji gave the most unlikely answer. So, does Denji ever touch boobs in Chainsaw Man?

Warning: Chainsaw Man manga spoilers ahead!


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Why Does Denji Want to Touch Boobs in Chainsaw Man?

Why Does Denji Want to Touch Boobs in Chainsaw Man Denji
Credit: MAPPA

Unlike other Devil Hunters with real and concrete motivations, Denji just wants to touch boobs.

This is his very reason for killing and hunting devils, for he believes that one way or another, he will be able to feel some boobs.

When that opportunity arises, it will be a dream come true for Denji.

He also believes that with his current lifestyle as a Devil Hunter, his dream of touching boobs will come true in the future.


While it sounds absurd, Denji's motivation stems from his miserable life following his father's death.

Throughout his life, Denji never felt loved and cared for by others, especially by his father, who constantly abused him physically and verbally.

Why Does Denji Want to Touch Boobs in Chainsaw Man Denji in school
Credit: MAPPA

No one has looked after Denji since his mother died of heart disease, depriving him of love and affection, which influenced his way of life.

Worse, the yakuza also preyed on him in exchange for his dead father's debts.

As a result, Denji abandoned many of his ambitions, including dating a girl, touching her boobs, and sleeping with her.

Denji didn't have time or money to spend on girls, given his lifestyle.

Unfortunately, Denji would rather buy a slice of bread in order to survive than spend on girls for pleasure.

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Does Denji Ever Touch Boobs in Chainsaw Man?

Does Denji Ever Touch Boobs in Chainsaw Man Denji
Credit: MAPPA

In Chainsaw Man, Denji does get to touch boobs. He is a lucky man because he was able to get close to some of the ladies in the series. From Power to Makima, Denji did get a chance to be cozy with them.

While Chainsaw Man is a show full of blood and gore, its fanservice is surprisingly well done compared to other anime series.


The fanservice is well done in the sense that Denji touches both Power and Makima's boobs, not because he forced it to happen, but because all parties agreed and consented.

At first, Denji successfully closed the deal with Power to touch her boobs. This is after Denji agreed to do Power a favor in exchange for bringing Meowy or Nyako back.

Denji did not only rescue Power's pet cat, but he also killed the Bat Devil who kidnapped it.

Does Denji Ever Touch Boobs in Chainsaw Man Denji and Power
Credit: MAPPA

As a result, Denji touched Power's boobs in Aki's bathroom. However, he felt nothing from it, which perplexed him.

The next thing Denji knew, he was also touching Makima's boobs. During their alone time, Makima offered Denji the chance to touch her boobs in order to teach him the difference between touching someone he likes and someone he doesn't like (romantically).

As expected, Denji's excitement returns. Denji is a ladies' man throughout the series, as he was also close to touching Himeno's boobs on that one drunken night at her apartment.


By remembering Makima, Denji managed to stop himself from grabbing one of Himeno's boobs.

The same goes for Reze, whom Denji only gets to kiss. Unfortunately, their kiss turned sour when a sudden turn of events ruined their romantic moment.

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